Quick Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

If you’re looking for some cool gift ideas for men, here are a few that I like – with videos!

Four easy holiday gifts for men

Thought I’d post some the coolest products I’ve either given or gotten that I particularly like:

Gerber 05500 MP400 Compact Sport Multi-function Tool

The first is this multi-tool, which you can buy here, for several reasons:

  • Everyone whom I’ve told about this tool, raves about it. It’s even on!
  • It lasts forever because it’s almost 100% pure metal. The one in the video above, I bought 20 years ago. This is the kind of durabilty you want from a bushcraft knife.
  • It’s like a more practical, cooler Swiss Army knife. Here’s a version in black.
  • It’s NOT the Leatherman version because the pliers pop out via one hand a la Wolverine’s claws with an incredibly satisfying SNIKT sound (check out the 4 second video).

Scully Small Vertical Laptop/Tablet bag or David King Laptop Bag
People are always complimenting me on my bag for this reason or that. The one I have now is the David King bag, which is a nice roomy vertical bag.

It was actually a replacement for my older Scully bag, which I loved for years. What’s cool about both is that they’re both vertical bags, so that they look completely different from the sea of black ballistic nylon bags out there in the world.

Also – at least with the Scully –  as the leather ages, it becomes individually his over the years and will last for ages. After years, it was still nice enough to give away. I miss it but the David King bag, which is in the pic above, is also nice.

Looxie X2 Wearable Camera

If you’re only interested in Google Glasses for the ability to record, Looxie has been making them for years.

To see what you’re actually recording, it pairs with your Android or iPhone and you can control the camera from there also. The coolest thing about it is that you can record up to five hours of video and you can instantly make little video clips from it.

You can buy the one I have here – which also doubles as a bluetooth headset – or get the newer Looxie 3, which you can just clip onto your shirt and it’ll do the exact same thing.

Paracord Bracelet with Firestarter

After reading that horrible story years ago about the CNET family that was trapped in their car, immediately thought of things like this bracelet. I

It’s cheap and something a guy can wear while going on a long trip without thinking too much about it.

You can buy the older version (the one in the video) here, but a much better version is $2 more here. Just take a look at, for more small gift ideas.

And, of course, a safety razor is always a good idea.

As always, the Amazon links are part of my Amazon associates account; let me know if you end up buying them?

One final note, you need not wear all things at once, you will look like an idiot. No one does that.


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Hey Logan!

Wow, thank you so much for featuring our Paracord bracelets! We’re very glad to see that you recommend it as a gift idea for men 🙂

Surely in today’s times, we often need survival gear with us. Again, thank you! <3

Have recently went to local museum in London (V&A, if you’re interested)… and was surprised to see the Multi-function Tool of 19th century… surprised to learn these tools are actually existed and were made as a part of the costume.

It *is* cool! I just wish the video was in HD – this comment made me think to check.


Great Information keep sharing and Very glad to see that you recommend it as a gift idea for men

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