A lot to fit into one week

Went to a funeral and had an anniversary over the weekend. Life’s moving too fast for me.

An anniversary and a funeral

Him: Hey, do you remember Jim? He came all the way from Virginia!
Jim: Hi.
Him: And that’s Logan. He came all the way from…midtown.
Me: In this weather, that’s a trip!

Went to another funeral this past weekend. A buddy’s mom, whom I’ve known for over 20 years.

The sad thing about all funerals is how similar they all are. Grief is a universal constant, I suppose. It’s also sad how familiar I am with the process now.

Afterward, took a long cold walk to the train station and stopped by a local dive to get some dumplings, which were great on a cold winter’s day.

Two Chinese women sat next to me talking about their Caucasian husbands. Part of me wanted to join the conversation but I decided against it.

When I got home, called my wife to meet me at the door and toss salt over me before I crossed the threshold.

My dad used to have me do it when he came back from a funeral. I would stand outside with a handful of salt and throw it high into the air so it landed on his head and shoulders. And then he’d trudge in, sadder than when he left.

And so I do the same, not really understanding why, but doing it because that’s what he does.

Me: Thanks hon.
Her: Sure.

We did manage to go out to celebrate our three year anniversary though and went to a local joint around the way.

It struck me that I had so many milestones all grouped up recently; a birth, a death, and an anniversary.

Me: Hard to believe it’s been three years already.
Her: Three years? It feels like a lifetime.
Me: …hey!

Location: at my desk again
Mood: pensive
Music: when we were young things seemed so perfect, you know?
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