What did you order now?

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Five 5 Napkin Burgers UWS

Wife: What did you order now?
Me: Drill bits.
Wife: What are they for?
Me: What aren’t they for?!

Dropped off the wife at her parents over the weekend so I spent the day out in the burbs. Getting away from the city every once in a while is good.

Didn’t get a chance to see my mom for Mother’s Day because of her schedule and mine but I’m stopping by later on this week.

Meanwhile, got the place to myself for a spell and I’m also armed with a new set of power tools so I’ve got a short list of tasks that I want to work on.

The problem with these short home maintenance lists is that something often happens to make them longer.

But that’s pretty much how my life is in general.

Craftsman tools

Location: a conference room in midtown
Mood: sneezy
Music: Cause if it’s trouble that you’re looking for
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