Logan’s Chinese Food, Gyro, and Chili Extravaganza

The reason why McDonalds is so successful and most Chinese restaurants aren’t is because of the simplicity of the menu of one and the complexity of the other.

The Fortune Cookie Chronicles

Hit and try-to-run-but-cannot-run-driver

Wife: You can’t have 19 Big Macs in a row!
Me: Technically, I could.

They’re having this deal where you get two burgers for one and I look for any excuse to stuff my fat face.

Which reminds me of a discussion I had regarding Jennifer 8. Lee’s book, The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, where she said that Chinese restaurants in America outnumber McDonalds, Burger Kings, and Wendy’s combined.

The thing is that there’s no one single large Chinese food chain, like Logan’s Chinese Food, Gyro, and Chili Extravaganza.

The reason why, I think, is because of the sheer number of items that a Chinese restaurant carries. There’re too many dishes, recipes, and ingredients in most restaurants to be consistently good at all of them.

This is versus McDonalds, which only has a few dozen different items – in fact, one guy just wrote about How to Hack a Big Mac from other dishes.

Relate it to my own life because I find so many things intellectually stimulating but I gotta force myself not to concentrate on the things I actually really care about.

Speaking of things I really care about: The wife is heading to her parents for a spell for a little break while I get some work done around the house. So we’re trying to cram in together time while we can.

In our own special fashion.

Her: (hugging me) I’m gonna miss that face…
Me: Aw, thanks…
Wife: …and your giant, giant, head.

Location: back to wrasslin in just a bit
Mood: sore
Music: Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?
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10 replies on “Logan’s Chinese Food, Gyro, and Chili Extravaganza”

I second the request for Logan’s Chinese Food, Gyro and Chili extravaganza. There is a shortage of great chili in my life.

How do you pick your focus amongst the things you find fascinating?

I think there is a shortage of great chili in everyone’s life!

That’s a great question; I usually pick the one that I find most interesting and then when I do, I’m either happy with that choice or realize that I really want something else.

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