And for dessert

Every so often, I order, say, 10 White Castle burgers, 20 Chicken Rings, a sack of fries and two Diet Cokes to split with a buddy.

I’m a sucker for unhealthy food

Barbershop in Downtown NYC

One of the most difficult things about what I do is that I have to give an estimate of how much a project will cost.

The last thing you want to do is say something will cost $1,000 and then have to revise that figure up to, say, $3,000. As a rule of thumb, I almost never revise my estimates.

Having said that, I radically under-bid on some projects and spent far too much time over the last two weeks buried in work. This weekend was two back-to-back 16-hour days.

Before that, though, did manage to sneak out for a haircut and meet up with my buddy Cuba to get some really bad-for-you fast food.

White Castle in NYC

Cuba probably walks around with a single-digit bodyfat index – something I wish I could boast but can’t.

Yet he and a small group of my friends, all of whom I would classify as athletes, have a soft-spot for junk food once in a while.

Now, I try to have fish at least once a week, veggies or fruit with every meal, a copious amount of water and fiber throughout the day, etc.

But every so often, I give in to temptation and order, say, 10 White Castle burgers, 20 Chicken Rings, a sack of fries and two Diet Cokes to split with a buddy.

It’s the Diet Coke makes it all ok.

And for dessert?

Me: What’re your thoughts regarding pizza for dessert?
Him: It’s a good thought. Let’s do it.

Running to the gym right now.

2 Bros Pizza

Location: behind tons and tons of paper
Mood: overworked.
Music: We drink away the days with a take-away pizza
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4 replies on “And for dessert”

Yummm New York pizza!

Beautiful salon. 🙂

Chinese take-out was always my soft spot…wherever I’d move (and I had moved about once a year when in NYC) I’d have the local Chinese take-out # in my phone…’would pick up steamed dumplings on my way home. So addicting! Or spicy sriracha noodles or Mexican enchiladas when I lived in Inwood. Now in France I do something similar…I get sushi or Asian-noodles (pad thai, bo bun, etc..) take-out. Gotta’ make dumplings and everything Korean at home. ><

NY pizza though…also my weak spot! I miss it!

You've got a gym membership — good! I'd love one but they are seemingly Equinox-priced here!

That’s a really nice barbershop down in the West Village – unfortunately, it’s not where I normally go. I normally go to a grungy place in Chinatown where I seem to get the best cuts.

I love all the foods you just mentioned and am now, predictably, hungry again. I always look at your food pictures and am impressed at just how many Asian dishes you’re able to make. My personal repertoire is far smaller.

Yup, my gym membership is (in my head) my get out of glutton jail free card. As for you, I think that you probably walk so much that you don’t necessarily need a gym membership – and the views you get!

Wow, you guys really did chow down that evening! As a vegan my junk fast food options are limited, though I have a soft spot for french fries on occasion. Hope your project is going smoothly otherwise!

Every once in a while, I have to feed the fat kid in me – if only so he’ll keep quiet so I can do my work.

Speaking of work, it’s a portfolio of about 15 things and I finished three. It’s gonna be a rough time before Turkey Day here (or in your case and my brother’s, Tofurky?)

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