Pictures of Snowmageddon 2015 in the UWS

The snowstorm here wasn’t all that bad. Here are some pics I took the night of and the day after in the Upper West Side.

The snowstorm that wasn’t all that bad

Grey's Papaya
The snowstorm only fell seven inches where I was.

But I didn’t know that’s how it’d be Monday morning; was supposed to go to a legal seminar out in Long Island but that was cancelled.

Bicycle in Upper West Side Snowstorm, Feb 26 2015 Night
The main part of the storm missed us.

Fairway Citarella Upper West Side Snowstorm, Feb 26 2015 Night

There’s something about the quiet when a snowstorm hits NYC. It’s unnerving how quiet it is.

You can actually hear the crunch of footsteps on the snow.

Couple Walking  Upper West Side Snowstorm, Feb 26 2015 Night

Because of where I live, I shovel my own snow. As soon as I did, several of my neighbors all asked if they could help.

I live in a pretty nice hood.

Storefront Upper West Side Snowstorm, Feb 27 2015 Day

Afterward, walked around a little more. The streets were empty because cars were prohibited from being out.


Like I said, it’s unnerving how quiet it is in NYC after a snowstorm.

Broadway Amsterdam

Now we’re back to normal.

And I’m out the door for more meetings.

Location: Off to see another doctor
Mood: chilly
Music: Many years have passed since those summer days

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