Hoping for good changes to come

She’s gaining weight

Desserts in New York City

Me: You know, if you wanted to lose weight after pregnancy, there are better ways than getting cancer.
Her: I’ll keep that in mind for next time.

Spent my first Father’s Day without the kid as he was with his grandparents. It’s fine, because I needed to focus on Alison.

Didn’t tell you about last month because I didn’t wanna just give you bad news after bad news after bad news.

Basically, she was out of the hospital only five days for May. We’ll leave it at that.

Still, in the past two weeks, she’s made more strides towards strength and health than she has in the last two months. Mainly because she’s more consistently clear-headed and understands (a) the gravity of the situation and (b) what she needs to do to fight this thing.

To that end, she’s been eating more and gaining weight. She lost a staggering amount of weight after December. We’re talking close to 35% of her total body weight. But she’s up 15 pounds from her low. And with that additional weight, comes more strength and clarity.

She’s been unable to consistently move her left leg and arm since she lost the weight but now there’s small but clear movement.

We’re hoping it’s the start of good changes to come. We’ll need that strength for when tomorrow comes.

Her: (at 4AM) I’m hungry.
Me: (groggily) I’ll get you something to eat.


Location: home, after almost a month in the hospital again
Mood: tired
Music: like a baby fast asleep in this dangerous world

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6 Replies to “Hoping for good changes to come”

  1. Good job Alison! I’m so happy to hear this news. Hope she’s been able to spend more time home this month! Thinking of you all.

  2. Wonderful news. Logan & Alison – you both inspire me. Prayers & hugs to you & of course sweet Nathan.

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