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Wrote on social media a few months back that if people really cared about Alison, and people like her, they would make sure Trump didn’t get into office. That didn’t work out.

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In a fit of irritation, I wrote on social media a few months back that if people really cared about Alison, they would make sure Trump didn’t get into office.

Relatives that supported Trump irritated me the most so I had to block┬áseveral of them just so any future family gatherings wouldn’t be ridic awkward.

I was pretty shocked at some of the vitriol I received from this. For example, this lawyer I’ve never met in my life named Jason Zhou called me “disgusting” for discussing Alison’s sickness and politics.

Human decency aside, I’m surprised at how little people seem to understand just how government works.

People have been asking me how our New Year’s Eve went. Everyone was in bed by 9PM. Me? I welcomed in the new year reading about how Republicans were planning to try to gut Obamacare within the first few months of office.

My gym is having yet another fundraiser for Alison – I think this might count as the sixth or seventh (more on that this week).

My coach asked me how much I would need for basic living and all the treatments I am hoping for. That’s a difficult question to answer. If our insurance stays in place, perhaps as little as $60,000 a year, “little” being a relative term. If it doesn’t, even without any new surgeries, we’re looking at well over half-a-million dollars.

The truth is, if we lost Obamacare, I’d simply have to return to work. The main issues are two-fold:

  1. We’d have to hire a caretaker for Alison until she gets stronger, and
  2. She’s still unable to walk and use her left arm – so we’d also have to hire a PT coach.

I have the option to go back to work if I have to, millions don’t.

Several articles came out recently where people that voted for Trump didn’t take him seriously when he said he’d repeal Obamacare. My first question is: Why would they take that risk?

In any case, we start 2017 slightly better than we started 2016, but with new worries. And we’ve had enough worries for a lifetime.

Her: I wish I could go back to work.
Me: Someday you will.
Her: What if we lose our insurance?
Me: I’ll think of something. I’m always thinking of stuff.


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PLEASE think about starting incorporating some macrobiotic foods into Alison’s diet. You will see results! Rachel had a terminal diagnosis. She has never felt better in her life. I promise you, Logan, you will see results. Just a few foods…

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