Near your casa

Lots of people have been contacting me after everything went down. Only have a few hours here and there so I gotta be selective about whom I spend them with.

My shady secrets

Two Blue Moons at Sugar Bar, NYC
The devil called me the other day. He always calls when I’m on my knees. It’s been a while.

Him: What are you doing today?
Me: Same thing I do most days when the kid’s not around. Drink and randomly yell out “Motherf___er!” (pause) I’m surprised to hear from you.
Him: I’m surprised to call. Despite our differences, I’m legit sorry about your dad and wife. (long pause) There’s work if you want it.
Me: I like that you get to the point. (thinking) Maybe. Maybe it’s time.

As did Alison’s best friend.

Her: Hey I’m near your casa because my neighbor’s singing at a bar near you. Know you’re likely not up for a drink or maybe you’ve been drinking too much already but felt wrong to be so nearby and not offer a drink.
Me: Cool. I’ll pop by.

Ended up walking her home a mile north and forgetting my camera at her pad.

Woulda been terribly romantic if we found each other the least bit attractive. I still say that it’s a stupid Hollywood trope that men and women can’t be friends.

Although, some women transition between the circle of friends and hard-to-say more than others.

Me: I feel guilty about things, sometimes. That I’m keeping you from finding your person.
Daisy: You’re not. Actually, I find it a bit funny-slash-conceited that you think every woman in the world is in love with you.
Me: Not every woman. (thinking) Just the ones that meet me.

It’s all a bit complicated. Then again, nothing in my life is ever simple.

Gradgirl: I’ve got to think of an excuse as to why I can’t show up tonight.
Me: You’ve got so many shady secrets.
Her: Oh, Logan, (getting up) you are my shady secret.

Location: my blue couch
Mood: tired
Music: I’m not rich, but the first night is on me

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12 replies on “Near your casa”

I don’t know what you mean exactly but I think when the devil calls, tell him he’s got the wrong number and call a friend.

That’s the problem – he’s got my number.

Our friends all reflect some part of us. That’s why he’s still in my life even though I should know better.

Not seen you in ages, man. Hope you’re doing a lot better than I.

You’re not in the place to have someone care about you. Don’t hurt anyone. People will love you. I’ve been the person to love someone who can’t love back and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

I assume every adult I interact with is, in fact, an adult. Assuming what is best for someone else is never a good thing, I don’t think.

Logan, Michael told me about your tough situation and your losses. I know it’s been many years since we met up but I want you to know that I’m thinking of you and that when you are ready to reconnect we are all here for you. Sending you virtual hugs and don’t go to the dark side.

Hello, Syl! It’s been ages. I miss our days and nights out and about.

Maybe we’ll get together like old times one day (when I can line up a sitter and have the house clean and ready to roll – my, how time changes us).

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