Boston 2018: The Freedom Trail and more eating

Drinking and knowing things

Waiter: Are you sure you want to order this many sweets?
Gymgirl: Um, yeah.

We woke up the next morning and took a through the Boston South End train station where we saw pigeons, ostensibly waiting for their ride.

We were walking to this place called Masa for their Latin brunch. Normally, I try not to have too many carbs but, once again, figured I was traveling…

Me: I downloaded an audio tour of the Freedom Trail.
Her: Of course you did.
Me: You wanna do it?
Her: Sure!

We started up at the Massachusetts State House, went to King’s Chapel, and the Old Corner Bookstore – which is now a Chipotle – The Old Statehouse, and ended up at the site of the Boston Massacre where we saw some guys selling oysters on the street.

Her: Well, if we get sick, it’ll be a good story to tell.
Me: I’m sold.

Her: That guy was super happy to see me until he saw I was with you.
Me: Great, I’m totally gonna get sick now.

We took a little detour to sit on a swing and people watch…

…and met a little old lady who was impressed that I knew what a glass harmonica was and who invented it…

Little Old Lady: Are you a historian?
Me: No, just a friendless nerd. (shrugging) I drink and I know things.

…and finished up by seeing the Boston Skinny Spite House before heading back.

Her: Do you want to take the metro to…
Me: God, yes.

Soon we were back in our hotel and getting ready to go back home.

Me: That was a quick little trip, and we’ll get home early.
Her: What do you think about going on a hike before we head back?
Me: Hmmm, it depends. What’s it called?
Her: Purgatory Chasm Trail.
Me: Well, that sounds terrible.
Her: It’s rated for kids!
Me: (grunts)

So this very uninteresting saga continues.

Location: at the dining room table with a friend
Mood: not bad, actually
Music: Don’t you worry, it could be so sweet
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