The bouncer

Chad, Mouse, and I went out to a bar the other night and I got to see how he does pickup. I was impressed.

It’s been busy

Mouse and I’ve been doing a lotta things these days.

She was nice enough to watch the boy while Chad and I filmed another one of our Fight Scene Breakdowns for Scenic Fights.

Here are the last two, because I don’t think I’ve posted them in a while. This one was mine regarding Under Seige.

While this one was Chad’s on Redeemer:

The guys that film us are pretty cool and talented but I really have to thank my own instructor, Agapito Gonzalaz, for letting me do this.

I wouldn’t do it if he wasn’t ok with it. Also, his instructor, Bill McGrath, has been supportive as well so I wanna thank them both.

The Scenic Fight guys put me down as a “knife expert,” which I definitely don’t think is the case. But I suppose it’s more compelling than, “slightly above average knife guy.”

I’m lucky in that I’ve had such amazing instructors in my life. Chad’s actually my BJJ instructor and, as you can tell by the videos, he’s ridic talented.

But I try to show him a thing or two when I can.

Me: Wanna come out and do some pickup with me and Mouse?
Him: Sure

As a recovering womanizer, I’m pretty good at talking to anyone but it took me months to work up the courage to speak to a stranger. Chad, however, may be a natural.

Chad: Welp, I gotta do this. (stands up)
Me: Wait. Do what?

Before I knew it, he walked up to the two prettiest women at the bar and chatted them up. This is after he spoke to a table of strangers.

Me: (after) Damn, I’m impressed. How did it go?
Chad: Don’t be. It was pretty good but then her friend kept pulling her away.
Mouse: Ah, you met the bouncer.
Him: The what?
Her: The bouncer. It’s the bouncer’s job to get rid of guys. You should always chat her up first. Next time, I can get rid of her for you.

I’m not really sure I’m even needed these days.

Location: home with the boy. Oh, how I’ve missed him.
Mood: conflicted
Music: I really need somebody to call my own
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