Another (almost) trip to the ER

Had another medical issue crop up. That ended up fine. Plus, I met someone that lives near the doctor I went to, purely by coincidence.

It’s a date

On the night I taught the class, I took a heel to my forehead from one of the guys and saw stars.

The guy was apologetic – it was an accident, after all – but he’s been pretty wild before. I did manage to get the tap after we resumed so there’s that.

Fast forward a few days and I woke up with some eye irritation and a lot of floaters so my doctor brother strongly suggested that I get that looked at.

Didn’t wanna go back to the ER for the millionth time so I called a buncha places with no luck but then I found a place just a few blocks south of my pad on W 79th. They closed in 40 mins.

Receptionist: When can you get here?
Me: 20 mins? Less, maybe.
Her: Run!

So, I did.

Before I knew it, I was on the ground floor of a beautiful townhouse and getting stuff pointed and sprayed into my eye.

Honestly, I’m thrilled that I managed to find him versus having to head to the ER. And within walking running distance to boot.

Some 40 minutes later, I was being checked out. I was the last patient of the day so the doc and I got to talking.

Turns out that we had a lot in common as I shared what happened with my dad and Alison.

Him: You’ll be fine. No detached retina. The floaters will be a problem for a while but not much to do there.
Me: That’s a relief.
Him: I’m glad we met. Come back for a checkup in 4-6 weeks and we’ll chat some more.
Me: Sure thing, doc.

He dilated my pupils so getting home was an adventure in itself.

Almost got hit by a car more than once. It was like walking outside and staring right at the sun. Had something similar happen before I started writing this blog.

Maybe I’ll tell you about it sometime.

Driver: WTF is wrong with you?! Are you @#$@# blind?
Me: Well, yeah, actually…

Speaking of beautiful things in my neighborhood, there’s this effervescent blonde from my neighborhood that I met recently.

She found something familiar about me and I, her.

Her: You really are so easy on the eyes.
Me: My mom thinks I’m dreamy.
Her: She has good taste.

After the GES all those years ago – and the fact that I had to avoid my fave bar for a few years because I kept running into women I dated there – I had a rule to not date women in my area.

GES was the last one, and that was 16 years ago.

edit: Actually, the Aerialist was the last one but that was so quick that I forgot about it.

But I’m trying some new things these days. Plus, her particular charms helped encourage me to break my rule(s).

The kicker was that she lived steps from the doc.

Her: I can meet you for a drink [that] evening. We can keep it local since itโ€™s convenient for both of us.
Me: Perfect. Let’s do that. We’ll work out details today/tomorrow but it’s a date.
Her: Those are three magical words: โ€œItโ€™s a date.โ€ So full of possibilities.

Location: earlier today, W 77th and Broadway, making plans
Mood: good
Music: a chance, it’s worth taking (Spotify)
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5 replies on “Another (almost) trip to the ER”

Hi Logan, I wrote to you on a much earlier post regarding what happened to Alison. You may recall that I said I went to high school with her and remember her fondly. I so wish I knew of all that happened in real-time as I would’ve wanted to offer help in one way or another, especially as I was a neighbor in the UWS at that time. Since finding your blog, reading the letter you wrote to the President, and being a cancer survivor, I cannot stop thinking of your family’s story. I am one of the many who is on an endless pursuit of happiness and I realize it is achieved when I am helping others. Given this, I’d love to introduce you to a friend of mine. Oddly enough, she has a family tree dating back to someone you mentioned in one of your posts, William Makepeace Thackeray. Is it serendipity? Fate? I don’t know. Nevertheless, I’d love to see if I can play cupid and perhaps spread a little happiness. As an aside, I have a daughter who is the same age as your son; my husband and my journey to having children also oddly similar to yours. I can’t help but think Alison would be smiling if she knew I’m writing to you and possibly play cupid as well as maybe getting our kids together for a playdate. If you find this all too weird, that’s okay too. I reside in Fort Lee, NJ with my family and you can email me if you want!

Hi there! I appreciate the sentiment and vote of confidence that you’d set me up with someone! That’s very flattering, thank you.

For better or worse, my dating card is actually over-full and I’ve had to minimize recently as it is. Hoping that maybe one of these people will work out, somehow.

Having said that, playdates are always welcome! Let me know if you ever come into the city!

I’m delighted to hear this! Wishing much health, happiness and love. A playdate for the kiddos would be so fun. We’re in the city quite a bit. You have my email, if you feel like reaching out that way. I recognize I’m this odd stranger writing on your blog. ha! ๐Ÿ™‚

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