Daydrinking around the hood

My brother’s in town so we ended up grabbing lunch and drinks around the way earlier this week.

Handling things with aplomb

My brother’s in town for a spell so his best friend, KTO, came up to my hood for to grab lunch with us.

Me: Do you wanna meet my brother?
Firecracker: Sure! But I don’t wanna intrude.
Me: I’m pretty sure they wanna meet you.

We ended up going to a joint that I’d been to a few times before, but in different iterations. It was a bistro, then a fish restaurant, and now just an American joint.

The food was good and service was great – we kept throwing requests at the waiter, who took everything with aplomb…even though he messed up our orders here and there.

Me: We only ordered one diet coke.
Him: Oh, just keep that one then.

I typically order burgers but I try to get them without ketchup and just have them with mayo.

But whenever a place has poached eggs, I typically order that because that’s the one egg that I can’t make well.

I ordered mine with a salad but the waiter brought it with fries – here’s the thing, if left to my own devices, I would go to town on fries.

But then I’d feel awful about it – and myself – immediately afterward.

So, I swapped it out for a salad, even though I looked longingly at them as they left.

Me: Can I have some of your fries?
Her: You just sent yours back!
Me: I know, I know…

Afterward, another waiter came by and we chatted with him a bit.

He came back later and comped us some guac and chips.

Afterward, we came back to my pad and just chatted for a while before we all passed out from the daydrinking.

I remember once wanting so much outta life.

But days like that remind me that simple things are often the best.

Wouldn’t mind more simple and quiet days like that one.

Me: What did you think?
Her: They were nice! I liked them. (later) You know, you look like Jimmy Neutron with your hair like that.
Me: Who’s that?
Her: (laughing) You really are old.

Location: a French bistro, just off 80th and Amsterdam
Mood: hungry and dreaming of eggs Benedict
Music: couldn’t tell you what tomorrow will bring (Spotify)
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