A Week of Birthdays, Pt 2: Greek and Mexican

Had dinner with the Firecracker and drinks with my college buddies the other night.

A menace to myself

Brought the kid out to NJ because it was a long weekend and rushed back because my college buddies were getting together for my buddy Rick’s birthday.

I made it back into the city too late to meet them for dinner but too early to have drinks with them so…

Me: Do you wanna have dinner together?
Her: With Logan Lo? Of course!

Right after I got COVID, the only thing I wanted was Mediterranean grilled fish and this place around the way was the closest place I could order it from so, I did.

It was a Turkish place when I first moved here and I’d eaten there once before with Alison when it was under a different name and owner, but I noticed, when I got the fish after COVID, that it was actually a different restaurant entirely.

So, since I’d never actually eaten there, and the Firecracker was in the mood for fish, off we went.

I shouldn’tve but the bread looked so good that I ate the entire bread basket – something I almost never do.

I’m telling you this because it’s relevant to my next entry.

Me: I’m still hungry.
Her: You’re always still hungry. Your friends will probably have food.
Me: This is true.

So, off we went downtown to meet up with them.

This is super blurry, sorry.

But first we were in the middle of some sort of fire emergency with firemen trying to get into this large building downtown.

We didn’t see anything but didn’t stick around to see much.

Afterward, we ended up sitting at the end of a long bar that was filled, mostly, with my college friends.

Firecracker: (to Cappy) Tell me your best Logan Lo story.
Him: (laughs, thinks) Hmmm, best Logan Lo story…

I’ll tell you more about it in the next entry.

Location: just now, dislocating another finger on my keyboard. I’m a menace to myself.
Mood: menacing
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