Locking and unlocking

A sitter let herself into my apartment and got an eyefull. I’m hoping she’s more amused than horrified.

Good Vibes Only

I unlocked a new level the other day.

A woman, let’s call her Jill, that occasionally watches my son for me has a copy of my keys and she left something here the other day.

She told me she’d swing by one afternoon but I forgot to put it in the calendar.

Fast forward to a rando day recently and I’d stepped outta the bathroom in my birthday suit as the kid was in school.

It was at that exact moment that she decided to show up and our eyes locked like a 1930s western or a 1980s rom-com.

She’s not originally from America so the conversation below is edited slightly.

Her: Logan! I texted!
Me: OMG! I was in the shower!
Her: I can see!
Me: No, I mean I didn’t…I should go back into the bathroom.
Her: Yes!

I tell myself that I’ve either advanced Chinese-American relations with her people or set them back.

Suppose only time will tell.

Edit: I was supposed to head over to my friend Lisa’s big birthday bash this past weekend but my other sitter had to cancel.

Jill was one of at least seven sitters that I called and she couldn’t make it.

So, I’m gonna say the Chinese-American relations may be damaged here…

Location: yesterday, a scavenger hunt in the rain in the UWS
Mood: peckish
Music: let’s make this house our home (Spotify)
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