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Who am I?

I'm a struggling NYC-based writer that hopes one day to be a non-struggling NYC-based writer.

I'll let you know how it goes.

I was born 35 years ago in a hospital in New York City.

Here was the plan:

1973 - Get born (check)
1987 - Get into prestigious high school (check)
1990 - Get into Ivy League (check)
1996 - Get into First Tier Law School (check)
1999 - Join white shoe law firm (check)

(I started to get off schedule when I left the firm after two months)

2000 - Marry high school girlfriend (thankfully, no)
2002 - Get rich young (not so much)
2004 - Have first child (nope - not that I know of)
2007 - Make partner (have to be in a firm for that)
2008 - Have third child (mathematically impossible)

2073 - Die a happy old man on some sunny beach (on schedule!)

Life never does work out the way you expect it to, does it? Right before the turn of the century, some things happened to make me re-adjust my plan.

Then again after. And again. Life keeps throwing me those curveballs.

But it's ok, there's a divinity that shapes our ends, Rough-hew them how we will. (V.II.)

I'm old enough to know that, after everything that gets me off my schedule, there's a "thank god I didn't..." moment when I realize that I'm on a better one. Somehow, this blog became a summary of my, admittedly strange, dating life. But it's really just a story about a life, I guess.

So, here's to rough-hewing it then.

(Also, here are 25 random things about me plus another seven if you're really bored)

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