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Taking and teaching online classes

Garbage truck in Times Square, NYC

Made a huge pot of chili yesterday as I went through my emergency stash the other day. Was not a good idea to have as much as I did right before my fencing class as I moved like lead. My arms look like a leopard’s coat with all the bruising.

The beginning of the year’s usually pretty slow for me so I’ve been taking all of these required classes for my licenses while I’ve got the time. Somea them’re mind-numbingly boring.

Dunno if I ever mentioned it, but I actually taught two of the courses myself:

I’m not saying I’m some phenomenal speaker but the ones I’ve been listening to are just dull as dull can be. Man, crack a joke or something.

But I suppose it’s better to be able to watch them from the comfort of my own desk than out there in the world.

The things I do to avoid actual human interaction…

One month supply of homemade chili

One month supply of homemade chili (which I will go through in two weeks).

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