More danger inviting rescue

This weekend had weapons, beer, and an almost dead body

Riverside Park Bike Path…speaking of danger inviting rescue:

Me: I think I just saw a body.
Her: What, where?
Me: Back there? I swear it was a dead body.

It’s been a pretty busy few days. Last week, had a bunch of meetings and a packed weekend so I earmarked Friday afternoon to play hookey and go on a bike ride with the wife.

We went from our pad on the Upper West Side almost up to the George Washington Bridge but decided to turn back early. On the way back down, swore I saw a leg on the rocks by the Hudson River.

And you can’t un-notice something you’ve noticed.

So we turned back and when we got close, it was a leg. It was very bruised and connected to a very bruised old man. Who had his pants pulled down to his ankles.

We suspect he was either mugged or tried to go to the river to relieve himself while drunk and fell onto the rocks.

Neither the wife nor I brought phones so we flagged down another rider and called the police. While we did this, the “dead” guy began to stir and asked for help. We told him it was on the way.


Actually, after about 20 minutes, I went back out into the city to flag down a cop car. One passed me while an ambulance said he was on break. Not wanting to leave the wife alone for so long, I sped back but by then, the police had arrived and said the guy would be ok.

We went down to a local cafe where we got a beer and discussed what happened.

Her: It’s so lucky you saw that. How did you even see that?
Me: I have no idea.
Her: Remind me to never need help in the park.

Drinking at Pier I
The next day, went around Queens with my buddy Paolo and his (now) wife to help negotiate for a car. Which was exhausting. Afterward, we grabbed some Vietnamese food around my sister’s place.

Spent the night at the rents because Sunday morning, woke up early for a fencing seminar in upstate New York where I spent the day getting stabbed and slashed with an array of weapons.

Me: My knee has a cadaver ACL, I’ve got a bum neck, and my elbow was hyper-extended.
Him: Man, you’re all busted up!

Now it’s Monday morning and I’m looking at my schedule. No critically injured people, no used car dealers, and no seminars scheduled.

At least not now. But it’s early yet.

Wouldn’t mind some more beer and Vietnamese food though.

Drinking at Pier I

Location: yesterday, in Bowdoin Park
Mood: tired
Music: body was warm delicious vinyl to your neck of the woods
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Weekend Post

Had an interesting enough night to have to post about it

Don’t normally post over the weekend, but I just had the CRAZIEST night!

Met six women across two bars. Nice. Age appropriate. Just not my type. Just my luck.

Had a late night dinner with Hazel and L at the Shake Shack.

Went to another bar with Hazel where I met two more women. Nice. Not age appropriate. Just my type. Just my luck.

Now here’s the weird part. At the very end of the night, an old man grabs one of the women’s…stuff. But he’s old, I mean like 55+. Can’t hit an old man (not that I can fight) so I shove him. Hard.

He then tries to hit the girl! How sad is that? The bouncers go all over him.

He’s tossed outta the club. The girlies are all freaked out. I’m totally bewildered. I tell the girls, honestly, that it was nice meeting them and then we part ways.

Hazel and I hop a cab. Then we get into argument with cabbie! We bounce outta the cab. She and I grab some food, hop another cab and head home.

Now it’s 3:55 in the morning, Hazel’s passed out on my sofa, I’m munching on a gyro and wondering when my life became so weird.

This is only 50% of what happened but I’m beat.

Crazy right?

Only in NYC.

Location: 3AM, cab slowly going up Mad.
Mood: perplexed
Music: my life’s been – just a show


Fly, baby, fly…

A bird fell out of the sky and into my NYC backyard

It beyond cold the other day. I woke up and heard a thud in my back yard.

I was pissed because people are always tossing things into my area, but I looked in and saw that a pigeon had just up and dropped outta the sky and into my yard.

Poor bastard.

Just stared at it for a while before I finally went back there to remove it.

Not the best way to start the day but, I gotta admit, my day was better than the bird’s. I’m hoping he was just old and it was his time.

My sister took the above picture over the summer. I decided that it was a better picture to post than one of the dead bird.

Always be positive, that’s what I say – there’s enough sadness to go around.

Fly, baby, fly…

Location: @3PM, bumping into an old friend off Grand Street
Mood: happy
Music: slippin, slippin, slippin, into the future