Mother is the name for God

Me: Do you have a 紅包 (red envelope)? I want to give a business associate a gift.
Mom: (excitedly) Oh, I have just the thing! (disappears and returns a moment later)
Me: Mom! I’m not giving a Hello Kitty envelope to anyone. Ever.
Her: (disappointed) But it’s so cute…. Soooo, cute.

Couldn’t make it out on the actual mother’s day to see my mom but did see her on Friday.

She eventually gave me some envelopes with the word “luck” on it and told me to hang one upside down over the door frame so the luck would pour down on me.

Told her that my luck is of the odd stripe, but did any way cause she’s my momma.

In The Crow, the hero/anti-hero quotes a fellow named William Makepeace Thackeray who said that Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.

Truer words were never spoken.

Me: Do you want to go on a bike ride?
Her: OK.

The wife and I took a spin on Saturday. The weather was perfect. We went from the 50s to the 90s and back again before grabbing a bite to eat outside.

Everything went just fine until I dropped my brand new bike light into the Hudson River. Me and my darned luck. The red envelope musta been empty.

Me: It looks like every time we go out for a ride, we’re going to spend about $12 on a new tire or a new light.
Her: Looks that way.

It’s a small price to pay.

Location: desk, waiting for people to get back to me
Mood: anxious
Music: I feel so low, Mamma, where do I go?

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I'm a fan of cute red envelopes and I have requested my mom to buy Doraemon red envelopes too.
These cartoon characters envelopes are usually given to kids, but some of us big babies love them also.
It's about time you purchased red envelopes on your own to start giving out to other couples' kids or your own kids.
Maybe they can make Transformers red envelopes or some kind of guy theme red envelopes.

I was planning to buy some of my own but I knew my mom probably had some lying around and I was right. But yes, I'm getting older and soon I'll be the one giving it out with regularity. Growing old is still better than the alternative but it def has its downsides.

I would totally pass out red envelopes with Hello Kitty on it. Totally. Especially if the receipient is a guy, preferably in their late 20's and above. Even if I was a dude. But then I supposed I wouldn't if I was a lawyer dude.

I can't believe you dropped your bike in the Hudson. And I absolutely love how you talk about it like you just dropped your third chicken nugget on the ground. No biggie.

Ha, I actually only dropped the new bike light I got, which was $12. So it was more than a chicken nugget but less than the bike itself. I was taking the bike off the chain when my hand hit it and it went flying. I remember watching it sail away and thinking, "Oh, that can't be good."

Getting a hello kitty red envelope is one thing; giving one is wholly another!

Hahaha! I had to re-read that. That photo finally made sense. Sad to say, but my frugal side would've totally jumped in after it only to be followed immediately by regret and possible drowning. Hey, at least it wasn't your bike. Although that story would have been funnier. For me that is.

My mom's totally into giving me red envelopes but on NYE. Oh Asians and their superstitions! Every few months I come home to see something new hanging over my door. Right now it's strung clear beads, no idea what they're for but every door has one. Wonder what the next one will be…

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