A million ways to buy it

The recently steam pipe explosion and my car accident made me rethink my life a little bit. I started volunteering in my church as a direct result.

I started volunteering in my church

(c) AP Photo/Seth Wenig

I heard one guy died in that explosion. Sad.

The thing about living here, is that there’s a million ways to buy it in the big city.

When my accident happened, it was exactly like those VW commercials where two people are just chatting and a half-second later, BAM!

Your life can really change just like that.

I know a few people on the East Side, two in particular spring to mind. But we’ve lost touch. They’re all, by chance, part of the people I cut yesterday.

Just as well, what would I say?

Me: Hey, just calling to make sure you’re alive.
Her: I picked up the phone didn’t I?
Me: (pause) Yes. Yes, you did.

I’ve decided to start volunteering in my church.

I’m hoping it’ll balance out my Thursday thru Saturday drinking and womanizing.

Location: 7PM yest., 110 & Broadway, buying a slice
Mood: still maddeningly busy
Music: I hope you know That this has nothing to do with you
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3 replies on “A million ways to buy it”

Man….I don't know you, came here from the Hipstomp journal and your 72nd to Canal St thing….you say you go to church, but you're not living IN the presence of God. I say with a heaving sigh, not to judge, but just so you hear it. At your age, I think you might be able to handle (caring) criticism from a stranger…Could you read all of Ephesians 5? And then muse over it?

No worries, I'm always willing and able to take the voice of concern of a fellow Christian.I do think, though, there is some judging, yes? Of course this is from Matthew 7:1-5; if you're referring to the drinking, I refer you to Col. 2:16. If you are referring to Ephesians 5:3, my sister's already brought it up. To her I said, as I say to, (a) you don't actually know what I do, if anything, and (b) what do you think the story of the Centurion and Jesus was about? Also, what do you think the story of the Lost Son was about? I will revisit Eph. if you think about that.You sound younger than me – we're all still searching for our better selves.I hope you keep reading.

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