Something’s afoot…

Who has it worse?

Chad’s teaching out in the middle of nowhere Brooklyn these days.

Tried to arrange either one late night or early morning there a week but, I gotta admit that I’ve not really tried all that hard.

You see, ever since I got vaccinated, there’s been a steady stream of people stopping by to roll with me.

While it’s suboptimal, the benefits of having your gym come to you – versus traveling for an hour each way – can’t really be overstated.

Him: I’m in your neighborhood, meet up for a drink?
Me: Dude, do you wanna come by and roll for a bit at 3:45?
Him: Sure, do you have a pair of shorts I could borrow?
Me: Yeah, I live here.

Again, I realize how odd my life must sound to you if you’re not in the life.

It definitely feels different in the city these days, what with so many people vaccinated. The City‘s not fully open, but I think the hoi-polloi are getting more social in general.

Just this past week:

      • I’ve had more potential setups but I’ve been super busy.
        • I think people should really read this blog before introducing me to any friends.
      • My old Oktoberfest-traveling buddy hit me up for a meetup.
      • Gio hit me up for lunch this week.
      • Nadi and KG Betty each dropped me a line to get together.
      • Lviv moved closer to me recently. That’s a clipping from Harold I gave her ages ago. He looks like he’s doing well.
      • My college buddies wanna get together for Memorial Day with some other friends wanting to get together for the 4th of July.

This is all versus a whole lotta nuthin for the past year or so.

Met up with two friends for dinner last week. Of course, we chatted about dating in the big city.

I honestly don’t know who has it worse, men or women.

Girl1: One guy I was chatting with – on the first conversation – casually asked me to send him pictures of my feet. The first convo, Logan! I ignored it but during the second, he said, “Where’s the photo of your feet?”
Me: What’d you do?
Girl1: I dug up some ogre feet, sent them to him, and blocked him.
Me: (laughing) Strong work. I think I’m ready to just try and have two more kids on my own and be single forever.
Girl1: With the number of friends you have? Just ask one of your friends to set you up.
Me: (shaking head) Most of the time, whenever I get a setup, I’m like, “This is what you think I’m capable of? Have you met me?”
Girl2: (drinks her beer)  I’m totally ready to just stay single.

Speaking of feet, this must be a new thing. Because another girl I briefly dated wrote me to catch up and, when started to tell her this story, she told me that feet were her thing, which was new to me.

I’m not built for being single in 2021.

Location: more rolling and more Hudson Yards
Mood: clear-headed
Music: good times, good friends, morning sun on us (Spotify)
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