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Pretty Card

Went on another date with the GES and sent a post card to someone from long ago, because I had no one else to send a card to.

No one else to send it to

So it appears that none of the postcards I sent was received by the people to whom I sent it. I honestly wrote everyone that sent me an address.

I then gave them all to the two clerks at the Hotel New York in Rotterdam and had them mail it – they ran my Amex.


When I’m in a better place, I’ll ask you to resend me your addys and I’ll send you an NYC postcard.

Him: (pointing to this card) There’s just an address on this one, sir.
Me: It’s for someone that doesn’t know I still think of her. But I thought she’d like it.
Him: Doesn’t she know your handwriting?
Me: Oddly enough, no.
Him: (politely) It’s a pretty card, perhaps you can send it to someone else?
Me: (laughing) I’ve no one else to send it to.

Was locked outta my apartment for four hours yesterday, which was just plain awful. However, I did see GES yesterday for a 45-minute coffeebreak.

That was rather nice.

Location: 19:00 yest, in an office wondering what I’ve done
Mood: determined
Music: The day’s still ashes and wine

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I read your other stories and felt bad for you but the postcards just topped it off. Duude… things will turn around. I believe it will get better after this turmoil as long as you start thinking of great things, exude it, and things will start happening. It could always be worse… don't let it pile up, let it go and start fresh.

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