You don’t have

I found out today that I *don’t* have cancer. I almost wept.

The Doc said I don’t have cancer

Doctor: You don’t have cancer. It’s a cyst, non-cancerous and it won’t become cancerous
Me: (sighing with relief) You have no idea how good it is to hear that.
Doctor: (laughing) I have some idea. Wear a cup when you work out and briefs in general.
Me: Who knew that I could have taken away somea this recent stress by wearing tighty-whities?

I almost wept when he said I didn’t have cancer. No lie. Score one for me. The only person I told in the whole world besides the docs was my brother. Secrets are lonely things.

For the male readers of this blog, you should know that: Although rare, testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer in men between the ages of 20 and 34.2. Take that under advisement.

It only took five visits, three months, three doctors, three urine tests, two blood tests and one ultra-sound to find out. To celebrate, I made myself a burger on whole wheat. No ketchup, mayo.

I’m sick with a cold but that I can handle. Sorry for the scare; I was up all night worrying.

Crazy right? Just madness…

Location: 7:20, sitting next to a pretty girl
Mood: sick
Music: All my friends say that of course it’s gonna get better

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I really like that song. Reminds me of Feist (who I love!)That's great news from your doctor. 🙂 Secrets are almost painfully lonely, but they're often unavoidable. *sigh*

Congrats, Lo!I know the feeling. All those symptoms I was having? The memory loss, speech problems and the blurry eyes? They were all symptoms of a brain tumor O_OBut I don't have a brain tumor so we're all good.

Alana – I really like that song too. Did you know it before I posted it?The Me – Congrats to you too! I'm glad you're posting on blogger with me. It's nice to have a non-livejournal friend.

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