Details in my eye

NYC nighttime skyline


Spent last Friday bouncing around a farm in upstate NY in the rain. Funny thing was that the price for 3,441,240 SF farm is about the same as my 1,700 SF apartment.

Came back to hit up a birthday party for my bro at a karaoke joint. Friends, pizza, rum – what’s there not to like? Afterward we went to this rooftop bar in midtown. My liver and I’re on speaking terms again so took it easy.

Feel bad that I didn’t have enough time to spend with my bro but was glad to see him when I could.

Told onea our close friends and favourite people that when I was 14, I was 5’3″ and 185 pounds.

And she told us that she had a little sister that she lost when the sis was 19.

Dunno how y’make it past something like that; how do you overcome that blow?

Let’s you and I never find out, yeah?


I can only hope

that Some day, some day,

not quite so far away,

the contrails in the sky

match the details in my eye

and I’ll be who

I’m meant to be.

NYC stop sign
You see,

I do believe I would be free

if only these memories would leave.

But then the places of my past

contrast the faces of my mind.

So then I think of them,

and they of me.


I can only hope.


Just screwing around with HTML, folks.

And now, a duck goose:

Upstate duck


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re: the assignment, funny. i have no drivers license for 2wks. so becoming acquainted with la mass transit. gladly going back to the city for the rest of the time where i won't need a car!!

I am not planning on leaving the house today…do I have to make up a different path from the bedroom to the kitchen???Grace and the Staten Island Fairy was great!ps, rss is working now. 🙂

ym – I'm thinking of selling my car actually, so I'll be in the same boat!Alana – Thanks for the heads up about the RSS. No one ever lets me know when something's not working.

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