What I do, how I do it

Location: 13:00 yest, E on Williamsburg, 17:00 W on 59th St
Mood: rushed
Music: In this world it’s hard to get it right

A recent exhibition at the Grand Central

My leg’s not fallen off. This is a good sign. You’ll be apprised, should the situation change.

Still sick though. Can’t shake this damn cough.


Went out to Brooklyn today for a potential gig. Never know if it’ll actually happen but y’gotta go for every thing out there when you eat what you kill.

Sometimes y’land a whale; most times it’s just sardines.


My brother’s trying to convince me to get a Mac. Problem’s that I’m so useda doing what I do, how I do it.

Rain once said,

Imagine if y’go to a bar and there’re beautiful women everywhere. Y’walk up to the hottest broad, say something, and she loves it. And everything y’say to every women works.

In real life the bar sucks, the women are only ok and nuthing y’ever say to them works.

The first part’s like working with programs on a mac, the second’s the crap you use.


Halloween’s coming up. Dunno what it’s like where you are, but here in the Big City, it’s carte blanche for the girlies to tart it up.

Halloween rocks.

YASYCTAI: It’s time to buy a costume. Y’gotta, cause if y’wait any longer, you’ll spent $70 for a jedi robe that doesn’t fit properly and go to a party where it’s all dudes who did the same things. (15 online mins/0.25 pts)

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I remember in University, "not slutty enough" was a reason to ditch a costume idea. :PI'm going as nibbler this halloween. Nothing tarty there, but oh the awesomeness…!Btw, if your leg starts changing color, definitely haul butt to the doc. LoL. 🙂

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