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Halloween 2010 NYC

Docks restaurant in midtown, NYC

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Me: (to cook) Did you just dunk the bread into oil before frying it?
Him: (nodding)
Me: Niiiiiice…

Last Thursday night was not the best night I’ve had.

Submitted the five projects that night – still dunno if I’ll get paid. Anywho, turns out I missed one key piece of information. So I slept for four hours, woke up at the crack of dawn, redrafted and then resubmitted it while HG went to the Caribbean without me. As soon as the paperwork was in, dashed to the office to put in a full day at work on Friday.

Was supposed to meet up with Paul to catch the Jaymay concert downtown and was gonna bail but somehow found my second wind with four hours sleep. Had a grand-ole, rum-filled time. The opening act was way cool too and were dressed like the band in the Muppets with a twist! They wore a joker grill on their teeth so they were “evil Muppets”! Jaymay put on a great show as always.

Felt awake enough to over to his pad and pick up some street Halal food, just like I did last year. Next day, wrestled where the guy I used to school proceed to whup me every-which way.

That Saturday night, did what most geeks do when their fiancees’re away and the women in NYC are tarting it up for Halloween – stayed home with some pork rinds and assembled a quad-core, triple-digital input DVR with 3.5TB of harddrive space and dual 32″ extended desktop display.

Sunday worked again; on the train to meet a client, this four-year-old girl dressed up as Snow White got into an argument with her older brother dressed as Batman. She ended the argument by reaching down and firmly grasping his privates and violently yanking.

Every man watching did a collective sympathy groan.

Quite the dweeby weekend.

Docks restaurant in midtown, NYC

Location: in fronta screens
Mood: still insanely busy
Music: You see, there’s just too much I know already
YASYCTAI: Get out and have a life (after you’re done with work). (120mins/1 pt)


Halloween 2009

Location: 21:00 yest, Battery Park City
Mood: groggy
Music: you should be wilder, you’re no fun at all

Logan and Heartgirl in oversized Star Trek uniforms

: Pennsylvania’s not that far. It’s only two hours away.
Me: Good grief, woman…
HG: (finishing) …that’s exactly how far we thought it was!

Stopped by PB’s where I had my body weight in pixie sticks and rum after the rain. Heartgirl and I wore Star Trek uniforms that were way too big on us. Either medium in America isn’t what it used to be or I’m shrinking. Just realized right this moment that for the past five Halloweens, wore red.

Him: …so then I was like, “You’re the class of 2013? That’s crazy!”
Me: Tell me about it – that’s 20 years after I graduated.
Him: (surprised) Wait, what? How old’re you?
Me: 36 – it’s the Asian genes. Plus I drink the blood of a white baby every morning.
Him: (nodding) Of course, who doesn’t?
Another Halloween done and gone. Suppose it’ll be just a mattera time fore I’m the old dude that still gets dressed up for Halloween. I’m ok with that.
Me: Goodness, I do love Halloween. And women exercising questionable clothing choices.
72Suburbs: We love it, too. There’re so few chances to exercise questionable taste
Me: God bless you, 72Suburbs. God bless you.

Saw RE Mike last night. He’s been making lotsa deals and picked himself up a nice one-bedroom downtown. We were talking shop over some $6 Halal food and a bottlea red.

Me: …so you walked outta the bank with $40K in cash to put a down payment on this place cause some guy dared you to?
Him: I did get a little carried away.
Me: Y’know if I were there, totally woulda robbed you.
Him: Course. (phone rings) Speaking of which, this dude calling me’s in jail. Been there for two months.
Me: Why do you still talk to him?
Him: No idea (picking up phone) yeah…

Also met up with the lawyers been working with on some things. Went out to this crazy nice Italian joint and met their wives. Super nice, all of them. Says a lot about you when you meet someone’s favourite person and they’re exactly like y’thought they’d be.

November 2009, already. Where does the time go?

YASYCTAI: Buy next year’s costume early. Never hurts to be prepared. (20 mins/0.5 pts)


What I do, how I do it

Location: 13:00 yest, E on Williamsburg, 17:00 W on 59th St
Mood: rushed
Music: In this world it’s hard to get it right

A recent exhibition at the Grand Central

My leg’s not fallen off. This is a good sign. You’ll be apprised, should the situation change.

Still sick though. Can’t shake this damn cough.


Went out to Brooklyn today for a potential gig. Never know if it’ll actually happen but y’gotta go for every thing out there when you eat what you kill.

Sometimes y’land a whale; most times it’s just sardines.


My brother’s trying to convince me to get a Mac. Problem’s that I’m so useda doing what I do, how I do it.

Rain once said,

Imagine if y’go to a bar and there’re beautiful women everywhere. Y’walk up to the hottest broad, say something, and she loves it. And everything y’say to every women works.

In real life the bar sucks, the women are only ok and nuthing y’ever say to them works.

The first part’s like working with programs on a mac, the second’s the crap you use.


Halloween’s coming up. Dunno what it’s like where you are, but here in the Big City, it’s carte blanche for the girlies to tart it up.

Halloween rocks.

YASYCTAI: It’s time to buy a costume. Y’gotta, cause if y’wait any longer, you’ll spent $70 for a jedi robe that doesn’t fit properly and go to a party where it’s all dudes who did the same things. (15 online mins/0.25 pts)


Halloween 2008


Friday night, Heartgirl and I went out with Bryson, his wife, Paul and buncha other people. Hit up three parties and rolled in at 3:30 Saturday morning. First party was the above sweatbox. Think I blew out my left eardrum. Which sucks, cause I still need it. Eh, got my right.

Bryson and his wife gave Heartgirl a thumbs-up. Their votes count because they’re first-stringer friends.

Second party, was at my old standby where some other friends dropped in and some dropped out. Third party was fulla Heartgirl’s friends; nice guys with the exception of one overly handy dude.

Saturday, just stayed in. Made a buncha chili. Sunday, Sheridan stops by. Over some chili he tells me that he just flew in from Miami where he bought this building. Had two Valentino shirts and an Italian leather coat that didn’t fit me so I gave them to him.

Quite a different life I lead these days. Still, it’s nice that my friends from my old life don’t really care if I’m styling Valentino or H&M.

It’s funny: My friends and family believe in me more than I do sometimes. Maybe cause they remember the guy I once was. Maybe they just keep me around cause I make some killer chili.

Or maybe they just think I’ll be ok.

November’s always been a good month for me. Cept for 2007 and 2006. Those were full on fail.

Then again, maybe I’ll be ok. Some things are looking up.

Location: 20:00 yest, leaving church early
Mood: full (of chili)
Music: painted faces fill the places I can’t reach


Happy Halloween

And so and now Somena

Went to a Halloween party I went to with Cain last Wednesday. Had to carry him home. So he had a great time.

Don’t know about you, but when I like a song, I listen to it a million times. Then, whenever I hear that song again, I think about that period in my life.

I listened to The National singing, And so and now I’m sorry I missed you – I had a secret meeting in the basement of my brain all the time during the fall of last year. I remember I kept thinking of my ex. I almost never think of her any more. Weird how that works.

I met my very good friend Somena a year ago on Halloween. She was a librarian. Who says you can’t have meaningful relationships from people you meet in bars? She liked to listen to Secret Meeting and pretend she was a spy.

I’d never tell her but, late at night, on those long walks home, I do the same thing.

Like I said, Venn Diagrams…

Location: 15:30-20:24, locked outta my #$#$@#$! apartment
Mood: just plain irritated
Music: Didn’t anybody tell you how to gracefully disappear in a room?


No Chance


I’m at my parents and my father’s playing a sad song on the harmonica. He’s never had a lesson in the piano or the harmonica in his life.

But he can sit down in front of either and just break your heart.

Went with Cain, Paul, and Paul’s roomie to a costume party on Saturday. I was gonna go as Kato but I couldn’t find a hat.

Him: Just wear what you wore last year.
Me: What if I run into someone from last year?
Him: (exasperated) Dude, it’s a totally different party, there’s no chance of you running into someone from last year.

I ran into two people from last year. How embarrassing.

Oh…like I really care.


Like last Sunday, I woke up just in time to meet the pretty green-eyed schoolteacher (GES) for brunch. We walked all over the UWS again, to the East Side, then back and finished up with some sodas in a Columbia cafe – five hours. We actually saw two weddings in Central park – one was of a Chinese couple and I said gong xi (congrats) to them. The bride smiled at me.

The weather was just as I like it: cold, clear and crisp.

Her: Man, we walked so much, I’m going to sleep so well tonight.
Me: Lucky you.
Her: (puzzled) You won’t?
Me: (shaking head) I never do.

Location: 20:15 yest, asking someone in church to pray for me
Mood: resigned
Music: Babe, I’ll walk the seven seas when I believe that