Went for a walk with my girl downtown this past weekend. Maybe that’s what made me sick again. Was worth it though. There’re few things in life as a walk down Central Park and Broadway on a nice day. Saw a girl in a cat costume with a hula hoop.

Been taking all of the junk I found cleaning my cellar and selling it on ebay, craigslist, you name it. Found this one dress with a price tag that said $14,000 in there and more computers than y’can shake a stick at.

Some things I remember, some things I have no idea how they got there. Story of my life, yeah?

In A Study in Scarlet, Sherlock Holmes said to Watson that the mind’s like an attic – you can only have so much crap in it before you run outta room.

Einstein echoed this when he said that, Never memorize what you can look up in books.

But I digress, point is that I’m tossing a lotta old stuff to make room for new stuff.

Still sick – my head’s stuffy. But I’m trying to clear things out. Wanna unclutter my mind and suppose that starts with uncluttering everything else.

Location: 16:00 yest, Grand Central
Mood: still @#$@#$ sick
Music: Singing to my pillow, I woke up out of tune.

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  1. Seshat's Scottish Hot Toddy Recipe:Get yourself a lemon and squeeze it into a pan of hot water (a mugfull of water). Add honey to taste, a sprinkling of cloves, and a cinnamon stick. Let it steep for a while, then pour it into a mug. Add a dram of whisky – or, if you're not a Scotch fan, try a larger dram of dark rum. Alternatives: you can use sweet ginger instead of – or as well as – cloves. And, if you want to clear your sinuses, try a teaspoon of chilli powder. Or you can just swig Scotch from the bottle. That works for me.Oh – and my sore throat rememdy: ibuprofen, gargling with whisky (or other raw spirit), and ice lollies. (Popsicle?)Really, really helps.Feel better.

  2. Seshat – niiiice, I'll give that a whirl! I think I've all those ingredients and I'll let you know how it goes. =)YM – It's true. And Thanks!

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