Yes? Yes.

(no, there’s no sound)

Me: Hi there.
Her: (looking through camera) I got you.
Me: (laughing) Alright. Point it down.
Her: I have your entire head in the frame.
Me: OK
Her: (four seconds later) OH! (laughs)
Me: Yes?
Her: Yes.

Location: 15 mins ago, having drinks@28th and Park
Mood: content
Music: Don’t you understand? I already have a plan
: Consider stopping this blog. We’re home, after all. (60 mins/2 pts)

14 replies on “Yes? Yes.”

OH MY GOD~! CONGRATS~!!!!! (I'm not a huge girl but just imagine me jumping up and down and screaming like a complete nutty one!)And if you stop this blog, will you start another? It'd be like losing a close friend. πŸ™

@Alana – ha, I'm glad it had that effect; that's the one I was going for.@Brian – Thanks man, I'm happy to see it too.@YM – Ah, there you are. I was wondering where you've been. And "yes" she is the SING.@Suz – thanks, I agree!

[…] Him: How do you know we’re gonna end badly? Me: I don’t know. But I figure it will Cause I saw the first movie. In this sequel, alla the characters’re the same. You’re still you, she’s still her. Everything’s the same. Why would it be different this time around unless onea you were radically different? You were both single for just 35 days. How different could either of you be? You went back cause it hurt too much, and I understand that. But you deal with the pain to give her, and you, time to be different. 35 days’s not enough time. You shoulda waited and met more people. Him: You met all those people, what’d that really get you? Me: (shrugging) The girl I wanted most of all. […]

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