Jaymay – Tragedy / Cooking with my dad


Video I made from Jaymay’s concert I went to over summer. It’s a funny song called Tragedy; I’ve got a few more that I’ll edit when I can’t sleep.


Me: Have you ever had a grilled cheese sandwich with a tomato in it?
Her: You know I’m white, right? That’s like me asking you if you’ve ever had an eggroll.

My friend Steel dropped by with his wife so we grabbed some rum around the way. Like me, he loves to cook; once made a chocolate ganache pie and he took one bite and knew that I forgot to put in some salt. Very impressive.

He and Bryson are going over to my parents this week. My pop used to be a chef – don’t think I ever told you that. He used have this Japanese restaurant upstate growing up.

S’funny, anything he couldn’t sell or was going bad, he’d bring home. So I ate a lotta lobster and sushi growing up. Used to complain, Why can’t we have burgers and pizza like everyone else?

Pretty surprised that my dad didn’t just beat the snot outta me as a kid.

Anywho, the fellas wanna learn from my pop and he’s got time this week. Me? I’m just there for the food.

My schedule one day this week’s gonna be brutal: Manhattan->Brooklyn->Queens->Yonkers-White Plains->Queens again->home. Still, running around to make some scratch’s better than running around for nuthin.


Me: Used to have about 500 daily readers. But once I got into a good relationship, that dropped a lot.
Friend’s wife: Of course it did. Good relationship, job, life. Who wants to read about that?

Location: picking up the car
Mood: Busy again
Music: You can always count on me to bring you down
YASYCTAI: Start editing that massive list of files you said you would. (days/2 pts)

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haha! it's the same reason reality tv gets so much viewership i suppose. the drama? i'm not a fan of the drama.

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