Over three years later, still hate mice and AT&T

Mona Lisa on a NYC Building

The snow just keeps coming. Parta the reason I live in the city is because I thought I wouldn’t have to shovel. This is not true.

In other news, was all over the city and beyond this week: went to the boogie-down Bronx, Yonkers, White Plains, Queens and Long Island. All on the same day. So at least work’s picking up.

Been thinking about canceling AT&T for some time now – over three years actually – since my reception is horrid is non-existent stinks sucks bites leaves much to be desired. But they’re like the mafia; they keep pulling you back in. I’m like a crow with my love of new shiny.

But then PB sent me this link and I rang them up. Spoke to a nice young lady and convinced her to send me a 3G microcell free of charge.

I’m telling ya, the most valuable skill y’can have is an ability to talk to people.

But since this @#$@#$ comes from AT&T, of course it doesn’t work. Can’t believe I left Sprint all those years ago and got into something worse.

Guess that’s my project for the day.

Location: in fronta more blinking lights
Mood: frustrated
Music: So I traveled back, down that road
YASYCTAI: Try to resolve that issue. (120 mins/1 pt)

6 Replies to “Over three years later, still hate mice and AT&T”

  1. AT&T does blow horribly. At least they are not like my auto finance company whose customer service call center is in India and serviced by people whose fourth language is English.

    The Stupid Q

    1. Hola! Yes, they're just terrible aren't they? I'm in lockdown with them until the middle of NEXT year so I've jut got to suck it up, I think.

      Thanks for the comment – may I ask how you found me?

  2. I was using the on-call cell at the office the other day, and reception started to cut out in the middle of the call. Of course, this was after I had been on hold for 30 minutes, and so in order to avoid a dropped call situation of epic proportions, I had to run outside in the Siberian cold to complete my conversation. AT&T, I am NOT amused.

    1. I'm thinking that as soon as Verizon comes up with the iPhone and people's contract give way, there's gonna be a huge (HUGE) exodus to other places.

      I hate them so…

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