Getting rid of clear stars in iTunes

How to remove hollow / transparent stars in iTunes

Actually have a slight bit of downtime this week so I’m spending it doing a buncha tasks I’ve been putting off, like clean up my amazingly chaotic music library.

One thing that was driving me crazy was removing all the transparent / hollow stars from my iTunes library. After some googling and tweaking, finally figured it out:

  • Select “Grid View” by pressing this button.

  • Press “Apple key ⌘ + A” to select all – CTRL+A if you’re using a PC
  • Right click and select “Album Rating > None”

You’re done. 5 seconds.

There’s never a time when you’re just done with stuff – everything is a constant maintenance issue. Just the way it is, I guess. Sometimes, feel like it’s like playing Whack-a-Mole where, once you solve one small issue, a new one pops up.

Off to wrestle…


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15 replies on “Getting rid of clear stars in iTunes”

OMFG! thank you so much i spent countless hours checking online and emailing apple care, they are so frakking clueless!

thank you SO much, this was driving me insane! i'm totally OCD when it comes to my iPod.

It took me forever to figure out – I'm happy to help. BTW, apologies for the late reply, I've been away. May I ask how you found me?

Anytime – I'm glad you commented and that this still works after all this time. May I ask how you found me?

I simply Googled 'how to get rid of clear stars on itunes' haha, yours was the second one that popped up. I really like your blog, you're a funny guy. Although I refuse to start saying 'heathful'.

Ah – that's good to know, thanks! And thanks for the kind words about the blog – hopefully, you'll keep reading.

And it's "healthful!"

No one ever listens to me…

Hi There – this does not work on PC and itunes You guys that got it working, was it on PC?

Wow. Fantastic. Thank you. Worked like a treat on my W7 64bit system with iTunes (BTW I found you via Google…)

Thanks for letting me know! And I'm glad it works – I recall that it was driving me mad for a while.

You're welcome! And if this helped you, please consider picking up a copy of my novel above – it's only $0.99 on Amazon!

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