A weekend in food

Me: You wanna…?
Her: Sure.
Me: (five minutes later) Actually, I feel like a fatty-fat-fat.
Her: Yeah, I’m beat. (laughing) We are so married.

Friday night, came home to a Spanish Dinner that Heartgirl picked up; it’s good to mix it up some. We were getting a bit tired of the usual Chinese/Italian/American we’ve been eating for a while. Wish I had pix but we were so voraciously hungry that we just tore into it.

Menu: Pan Tomaca, Bravas, Empanadas Argentinas, Brochetas De Pollo, and Chorizo A La Parrilla.

Saturday, went out to Brooklyn for work in the AM. Coincidentally, an employee of the client was in the same train car as me all of way there but we both didn’t really recognize each other. When I walked into the client’s he started shouting and laughing, “Man, I knew I knew you!”

When I got back, HG and I walked over to the Whitney Museum across town to check out the Edward Hopper exhibit. Kinda underwhleming – they didn’t have Nighthawks and wouldn’t lemme take pics but they did have Sunday Morning. Afterward, went out for Japanese at our local sushi joint before staying in and watching The Next Three Days.

Menu: Ramen, Dragon Roll, California Roll, Chicken Teriyaki.

Sunday, was supposed to stay in but a buddy a mine had the building nexta his apartment catch on fire so at 9AM, I’m in a taxi to Times Square to check out the fire damage. It was pretty bad. Walking up 5th Avenue, the guy at the local halal cart recognized me at and asked me if I wanted some. Breakfasta champions.

Went downtown again Sunday to pick up a new camera; more on that some other time. Syd was so long ago.

Menu: Rice, meat, and grease.

Was a lot busier a weekend than I wanted it to be but still good. S’funny how stuffing our faces’s so basic and complex a parta our lives.

So, that was my weekend. Hope yours was good.

Location: staying in today to finish some work
Mood: optimistic
Music: and so it goes, this soldier knows
YASYCTAI: Pick an artist to like. I like Hopper cause he’s NYC. (time/1 pt)

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Ugh, I swear some museums in the US can be so stingy when it comes to taking photographs. For example, I was able to take as much photographs of the original Apollo Belvedere at the Vatican museum (flash off mind you), but got yelled at for attempting to take pictures of a miniature replica version of the same statue at the Getty Villa. It's a freakin' miniature replica for crying out loud.

Anyways, I've never tried any Spanish cuisine before. I've tried almost every single food around the Mediterranean, I almost forgot about that one. How was it? Any similarities at all to Latin American food or completely different?

I think that museums essentially want you to buy prints of things; there's really no good rhyme or reason to it. Just silly, if you ask me.

Spanish cuisine is very different from Latin American food, I find. It's sort of like pre-pasta Italian mixed with Moroccan food with lots of olive oil, surprising spices, no chillies, and things like dates with sausages. Really cool and different from what I'm used to – I eat a ton of tex-mex/chili, as I'm sure you know.

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