What you’re lucky enough to get is never enough

There’s always that feeling that, no matter what amount of time you’re lucky enough to get, it’s never enough.

No matter how much time you get, you always wish you had more

Pumkins in the Village, NYC

Him: Wait, how old are you?
Me: 38. Why, how old are you?
Him: 23.
Me: I think I hate you.

I own some Apple stock. And when I say “some” I mean a pittance. Like enough to buy a really good dinner at a five-star restaurant in the City.

Whenever my stocks go up, feel that greedy urge in me go: Man, I should have bought more. There’s always that feeling that what you’re lucky enough to get, is never enough.

Was wrestling the other day with some Asian guys. The thing with Asians is that it’s always hard to tell how old they are – even for ourselves. While we look young, though, it’s just the appearance. Time just keeps on going.

Which goes with my formula that TimeĀ¬=Money; Time>Money. And here the greed’s even greater cause no matter how much time y’get, you always wish you had more.

Read the eulogy that Steve Job’s sister wrote for him. It’s very moving – if y’get a chance today, you should read it. His last words I find especially profound in their honesty and simplicity.

I wonder, then, if there’s a time that we become ok with the amount of time we’re allotted.

Hope so. Not afraid to admit that it scares me. The not knowing.

November 2011, already. Where does the time go?

And now for some levity – think the same is roughly true for Asian men:

How Asians age

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7 replies on “What you’re lucky enough to get is never enough”

hahaha, love the graphic.

I find that a lot of black folks are hard to pin down on age too. Especially the women.

Sam – dammit, I'm never notified when someone comments. I was hoping this new system would solve that. Yes, that's true as well, they are hard to pin down. I'm terrible at guessing ages. Which may have something to do with that period where I kept going on dates with 22 year olds at 35…

Let me know if this notifies you with a response? Thanks!

That cartoon is so funny but pretty true. My sis is in her twenties and a neighbor kid asked her which high school she goes to when she's way past college graduate already. Asian people look relatively lot younger. By the way are you a fellow Stuy alumni?

So true. I am but I don't remember much about it. I was a huge nobody. Yourself?

Yep I went to Stuy also but I was in the new building. I wasn't super smart or super cool – was in neither cliques. Keep writing. I will be reading.

Ah, that sounds like me.

Yes, I'll keep writing and hopefully you'll keep reading.

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