Digital to do / Insult me, beat me, make me write bad checks

Canal Street Subway

Mom: (leaning in, whispering) Act normal. I put two suitcases with your dad’s stuff into your trunk. Get rid of them.
Me: What? How?
Her: Shhh! I don’t know, don’t care. Just get rid of them. (turning to everyone, smiling) Who wants dessert?

I’ve somehow become a digital packrat in my life. My father, god love him, saves everything. Drives my mom mad. On more than one occasion, I’ll go home and find that she’s filled my trunk with random junk that my dad’s accumulated.

Suspect that if she were in the mafia, we’d have similar conversations.

Like me, she accumulates mosta her stuff in digitally. But I take after my dad in that I save everything.

Think it all started when I decided to get rid of all of my CDs years ago. Then I digitized all of my class notes from my school days. Just snowballed from there. The whole thing’d be fine it not for the fact that I didn’t organize it properly from the get-go. So now, as it gets bigger so does that sinking feeling that I gotta go back and re-edit a buncha stuff. So, to avoid procrastination, every time I get a few minutes, go back and start curating.

Amazed at how much stuff I’ve actually got.

On the topic of editing digital stuff, been reading a buncha my friends’ dating profiles for them. They’re terrible. The majority’re just bland and boring with lotsa guys putting up smiley faces every two sentences as if to say, I‘m just kidding, see how fun I am?

The worst are the ones that say, I’m just looking for someone nice. As if everyone else is saying, Insult me, beat me, make me write bad checks.

Figure there’s gotta be a cottage industry to help people not come off as weird or desperate online. Think I’ll have to write a post about writing a good profile onea these days soon.

And there’s another thing to add to my digital to do list.

Location: getting dressed in the front room
Mood: thoughtful
Music: Complacency, a vacancy, checks into your heart
YASYCTAI: Edit another folder of stuff. It’s never ending (a long time/1 pts)


  1. haha, see this is the stuff I miss on LJ now.

    The thing that makes me nervous about my digital stash is what happens when the file format is inevitably obsolete. All that stuff to convert…

    1. Dammit – I'm still not notified when people post comments! I've really got to find a solution.

      I've actually had to covert quite a number of things to other formats through the years; it's zero fun. In fact, I'm converting things even now. Still, it's better than a house full of junk.

      I actually miss LJ a lot. But I just feel that it's like a dying place, you know? Still, some people like you are still active so I go back for that.

      1. Bugger. I didn't get the notification either.

        I feel like that about LJ at times but dammit I'm staying until I'm the last English speaking blogger there.

        Re; digital files

        I wish that I'd been printing my photos all this time instead of just parking them on my computer. Now I've got thousands of photos and there's no way I'm printing them all. grr.

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