Red hot pot and pink cold glass

Chinese hot pot in Chinatown, NYC

Waitress: …and here’s your drink.
Friend: Is your drink pink?
Me: Yes. I’m ok with that. (to waitress) I don’t get an umbrella?

Was supposed to go out Saturday a groupa friends for hot pot but that fell through so met up with my buddy Steel and his brother in Chinatown instead.

For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s essentially a Chinese fondue with broth insteada cheese. We ordered some lamb, beef, calamari, bamboo shoots, amongst other things; we devoured it all and then washed it down with beer. His brother ended up treating us to dinner.

Me: We should hang out with more doctors.
Him: I know!

Afterward, took a walk to the LES where we had some more drinks. Steel and I both love to cook so we ended up discussing how America’s Test Kitchen is more like Good Eats now.

Me: I made their margarita mix – it was great.
Him: I’ll send you their recipe for a Chocolate Blackout cake; I used powered buttermilk in it and it was a hit.

Ordered a hard cider with berries that ended up being pink. My friends just shook their heads and then we all parted ways.

Thompson LES hotel, NYC

Headed over to a friends bday party, which ended up moved. There was a young blond woman asking for directions with a familiar accent.

Me: (in German) ‘Scuse me, where do you want to go?
Her: (confused in English) You speak German?
Me: (in German) Don’t be silly, I’m Chinese. Why would I speak German? Now where do you want to go?

She invited me to go with her to a party but I told her that I was meeting my wife and some friends and went on my way.

Finally met up with my other buddy and his lady friend at a hotel room in the Thompson LES. Felt like a third wheel so I bounced home. The next morning, found an email with a recipe for Chocolate Blackout cake.

I forget oftentimes that I still live in the same city as when I was single.

View from the Thompson LES hotel, NYC

Location: about to run to the post office
Mood: hopeful
Music: if you’re free to make a choice, just look towards the west


  1. Logan, the hot pot looks delish! The Chinese fondue looks much healthier than the French version! I love that guys are talking about recipes! That's very attractive (a man who can cook). I loved surprising people in NY by answering back in Spanish or French. It always made people surprised in a happy sorta' way. Similar things happen here but it's usually to help Americans in random situations like at the supermarket or helping them with ordering food at a restaurant.

    1. It was soooo good. We immediately started talking about the next time we would try it together. I'm actually getting hungry just thinking of it.

      Yes, we always trade recipes back and forth but he's a far better chef than me so I get a lot more out of it, I think.

      It's great fun for me to speak German to someone only because I think it's so unexpected. My ability is pretty rudimentary so I really should spend some time working on it. Another thing to add to my "someday" list. I think your foreign language ability far outclasses mine. Lucky girl…

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