Thanks for downloading 1,636 copies of my book!

Bicycle in NYC

So I’ve just finished my first marketing campaign for my book and here’s what I’ve accomplished in 48 hours:

  • downloads: 1,567
  • downloads: 40
  • downloads: 29
  • downloads: 0

All-in-all, expected a total of 500-800 downloads and this totally blew away my estimates. And here’s what I’ve learned:

The French dislike my work
This is disappointing because I feel I support the French: I eat their fries and their bread, utilize a French press with regularity and support the French little coffee place down my street, and enjoy Pepe le Peu. How’s about some reciprocity?!

Social marketing really works
Put up some ads here and there which got me about 300 downloads – about what I guessed – however, people mentioning me on their FB page or via email forwards garnered me the vast majority of the downloads and this was completely unexpected.

Stuff y’put out online is powerful and stays forever. Note to self: redact mention of womanizing and rum intake in this blog.

Discovered I know five distinct groups of people

  • One group, without my asking, put up postings on FB and elsewhere; they took my undertaking and made it their own.
  • Another group, when asked, immediately started telling others.
  • A third group, when asked, declined.
  • A fourth group, when asked, completely ignored me.
  • A fifth group, was never asked and also never said a thing.

I’ve got to say that this was all a bit surprising. Some people I was sure would help did not and some people whom I never even thought to ask took it upon themselves to help. Eye-opening.

And speaking of reciprocity, two of the people that completely ignored me, I go out of my way to help all the time. Also eye-opening.

Again, think it’s that divergence of our very basic definitions of friendship.

It’s actually given me some clarity on things, so, while it was disappointing, it’s still beneficial cause it’s helped me figure out what to do with my time. And we all know Bicycle in NYC

Location: the basement of my brain, thinking of a sequel
Mood: grateful
It’s not so bad And I want to thank you

6 replies on “Thanks for downloading 1,636 copies of my book!”

congrats, yo! let's have a drink to celebrate, yes? of course this means you have to call me and make plans. which you tell me you do all the time. except you don't!!

PB may be moving to the area so this will double our chances to get together for a drink. I'm away this weekend but maybe the week next.

And I always call!

really? i thought he mentioned looking in chelsea? well, now i'm offended. you know i am not an uptown girl. i am the billy joel of this scenario. you two shall not change my downtown ways. alright, let's shoot for the week of the 5th. and believe me, if you don't call, this conversation will haunt you to the grave.

Speaking of sharing, I could always have my writer buddies critique it for you. But that's only if you want to.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I think I'm good with critiques but I just dropped the price to $0.99 so let your friends know about it, please.

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