If left to my own devices, my only expenses would be…


HG: Logan?
Me: Yeah?
HG: I never thought I’d ever say these words in my life but: Could you please stop swinging wooden swords around the house?

Things have returned (mostly) back to normal. I’m sleeping my usual five hours a night again and I’m back in the swing of things. (Literally – ha ha! Ok, I’ll stop now).

It’s a pretty amazing time to be alive right now; still don’t have my flying car but I got my Dick Tracy Two-Way watch in the form of my iPhone, amongst other things.

A recent survey put New York City as the 47th most expensive place to live in the world – a huge drop from 7th, which is a good thing.

I live pretty inexpensively myself as my favourite forms of entertainment are free – the web and walks. If left to my own devices, my only expenses would be rum, chili, gyros, coffee, my mortgage, the gym, laundry, and my tailor.

That was actually a longer list than I expected.

What about you?


HG cooked over the weekend and documented it.

So, as an added side benefit, she’ll actually be making a food post tomorrow (and perhaps again on Thursday) if you’re interested.

And then back to the usual nuthin on Wednesday.

Location: desk, getting ready to walk in the rain
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4 replies on “If left to my own devices, my only expenses would be…”

I always waited a tailor!

My bills would include mortgage, car, internet, cell phone and food (since I like to cook, this is all over the place, and trying to narrow it down was too hard). Altho I'm sure some random shopping would be in there.

I have one that I use regularly (which is all one really needs, I think) and he's great. The thing is that if you buy things off the rack and just get it tailors slightly, you can make something that looks good, great.

It's hard to not list things when you figure out how much stuff you really use/want on a day-to-day basis. I didn't realize it myself until I started that list.

My bills at the moment…. food, food, food, art supplies, SNCF (train), food, iTunes, food, TAG (tram & bus), food, more art supplies, hammam, college loans, food, booze.

A gym membership would be a good idea.. but I have mountains to climb/hike/run up.. but then when the weather sucks (as of late it's been raining for 2 weeks) I have the excuse to…. be a marmotte. No bueno. Current self portait:

NYC # 47? Wow. That's not bad! Maybe I'll be able to move back one day, ha. I think where I live is pretty expensive (France's silicon valley), but probably much less than NY.

Happy to read Alli's posts! I bet she's even more charming in person than through your blog. 🙂

Ha – you got me with the self-portrait.

As for the gym, if you can just take constant walks, I'm sure you'd enjoy that more and also see a lot more of the sights. Ah, booze and college loans; that will be around for a while I think.

Yes, you should come back – AFTER you've had your fun in France and expanded your talents!

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