Travelogue Malaga Day 4 & 5

Food and drink on a balcony on the AC Hotel overlooking, Malaga, Spain

That was a non-alcoholic beer. No, I have no explanation for it.


Me: Your batteries are low. You should always be charging something.
Her: If you had an autobiography, you should call it that.
Me: What was the other I said that you said would be a good title for me?
Her: “I’m full of ham and other late night confessions.”

We wake up later than we thought we would but this is because, after four days, I finally get six uninterrupted hours of sleep. I wake up and see that my hands are steady once again.

We walk out the door and head over to the cathedral, which is on the next block.

The tours are closed so we pay for a viewing of their replica of the Shroud of Turin. Yes, it’s a replica. But it was the only way to see the inside of the church.

They tell us not to take pictures and I say that I won’t take pictures of the exhibit. And I don’t take pictures of the exhibit.

The cathedral in Malaga, Spain

We end up going to another tapas place.

Her: OK, this is nice.
Me: (looking up) I’ll stand guard for birds.

We order almost exactly what we had the other day but this time, it was without bird poop.

The tapas, it turns out, are much better without bird poop. Good advice for life in general.

Street scene in Malaga, Spain

We wake up early and pick up food at the local bakery again. It’s so early that they don’t have much prepared so I wait for them to make me a sandwich.

A few hours later, we’re in a cab to the airport, and soon on a flight back to Dublin. We get off and I’m starving so we pick up some food at the food court.

Airport in Malaga, Spain

More accurately, I pick up some food at the food court but soon regret my, admittedly, random choices.

Me: Perhaps having a burger, fries, yoghurt, dates, coffee, and an errant cashew right before a transatlantic flight wasn’t the best idea.
Her: You think?

We eventually make it onto our flight home and I spend a little time writing these entries.

It’s late when the plane lands at JFK. We forget that customs is always a bear. But eventually that’s over and a really nice hack gets us home relatively fast.

Some 18 hours after we begin our trip home, we get home.

Her: We’re home!
Me: Sweet! Let me check on Harold.

Harold is obviously upset we went away as he says nothing and he gives me the silent treatment even now.

Still, that aside, it’s good to be home. And now, work.

Woman on balcony in Malaga, Spain
Horses and carriages in Malaga, Spain
Logan Lo, in Malaga, Spain

Location: home, getting dressed for the office
Mood: busy
Music: took what they offered me To set me free

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I agree with HG and that "Your batteries are low. You should always be charging something" would be a great (next) book title!

I enjoyed the photos! Here's my tip of the day: always bring food with you on a plane ride. You never know when a 2hr trip will turn into 5hr one. I've also been on 5 hr trips where there was no food for purchase, just some measly pretzels. I recommend apples, bananas, nuts, potato chips (plain, so they don't smell), hard boiled eggs, and even a peanut butter sandwich if you have time to make it. As someone who needs to eat every 2-3hr, you will always find food in my bag!

Great, I'm so glad to hear that. Yes, those are good suggestions. I used to travel a lot for work but mostly short trips while my wife traveled all over the world regularly on smaller carriers so she's more of a road warrior than me in many respects. I always assume I'll be able to buy something to eat but I should really watch what I put into my mouth now that I'm…39. Whoa.

Thanks for the comment and the compliment about the photos!

Oh snaps. You know how many pictures I've taken of Sistine Chapel and other chapels in Italy that I didn't allow pictures? Even got shots of David. It's one of the things I love about DSLRs. You can snap silently and without flash and no one will ever know.

Great pictures btw! Love the night shots.

I thought I was being terribly clever but the thing is that the camera still actuates the shutter so I kept thinking someone could hear me. Those were the best shots I could get. I will work on my stealth for next time!

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