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Logan’s 39 / Travelogue Malaga Day 1

Malaga, Spain

It’s my birthday.

And like always, say something, all of you bastards that read me but never say anything.

Logan Lo at the AC Hotel in Malaga, Spain


Me: Did we check the stove was off?
Her: Go check.
Me: I put on my shoes already.
Her: (shakes head and slips off shoes)

HG and I go on our first airplane trip together. As i did in Paris last year, I’m speaking about intellectual property issues and video games in Malaga, Spain.

We’re out the door, on the AirTrain, and in the airport in less than an hour. Except for one minor hiccup, we make it to the plane without issue.

Me: Shoot, I can’t find my ticket or passport.
TSA Agent: Sir, you just put them into your back pocket.
Me: I knew that.

Soon we’re in our chairs in the sky and I start taking things from HG’s bag of snacks.

Her: Didn’t you say we didn’t need to bring that? And now you’re going to eat it all in the beginning of our trip.
Me: If you weren’t here, I would strap this on my face like a feed bag.

Six hours and one tiny can of Diet Coke later, we arrive in Ireland for a two-hour layover at around midnight. We have the airport to ourselves.

Airport in Dublin, Ireland

Announcement: last call for Amsterdam.
Me: We should blow this thing and go to Amsterdam. (thinking) We could smoke pot.
Her: You’ve never smoked pot before.
Me: I’m away. I’d smoke a pot.
Her: (laughing) The fact you just said “a pot” makes me think it’s not for you.

Ended up heading to Malaga anyway.

We finally get to board our connecting flight. As I can never sleep, read the entirety of Digital Wars during the layover and half the flight to Spain.

About 18 hours we walk outta our door in NYC, we walk into our door in Malaga.

We drop off our bags and we notice that we have a balcony so I get a beer from the mini-bar and look over the city.

Overlooking Malaga, Spain

We both try to crash for a bit but I don’t get much rest. It’s only 1PM there so four hours later, we get up in search of food and a SIM card and we find both on the same block.

The organizer of the event meets us for a chat in the hotel lobby but we’re fading fast so we politely make it short.

Unfortunately, it’s a sleepless night cause Spaniards have dinner at 10PM and we’re essentially in the Times Square of Malaga.

It’s been almost 30 hours and I’ve gotten five hours of sleep.

The conference’s tomorrow.

Overlooking Malaga, Spain
Having a beer on a balcony in Malaga, Spain

Location: finally back home
Mood: another year older
Music: Just give me credit, I’m just sitting on the shelf

27 replies on “Logan’s 39 / Travelogue Malaga Day 1”

It was beautiful! I wish I had some more time to enjoy it but it's always nice to get home.

i love the mental image of you w/your feedbag. atta boy! (and happy "birfday", as the kids say)

Brandon! Nice to see you around these parts.

If my wife wouldn't think I looked ridiculous, I would totally do it. When are you coming our way again?

Happy Birthday, Logan. I've enjoyed reading the things you write for about 5 years now, and I'm looking forward to 5 more years…oh…that sounds kinda like a political slogan. "5 MORE YEARS! 5 MORE YEARS!"

Ha, thanks Charity; it's a funny, interconnected world we all live in, isn't it?

Thanks for the vote of confidence. I often wonder who out there in the world is still reading. But then again, it's nice to just have a place to put my thoughts.

Happy Birthday Logan! I love traveling except for the actual traveling part. In fact, just last week I was stuck at Newark for 1.5 hr b/c my flight arrives EARLY and had to wait for the darn pre-paid shuttle to take me into the city. And I still get yelled at by the TSA agents even though I'm a seasoned traveler. I wish that I could close my eyes and beam myself from hotel to hotel. Hope you have a wonderful bday and that all your travels are smooth this year! ;p

We aim to please!

While I enjoy the moniker "friend" I also like "neighbor." Is that in the cards?

Happy Happy Birthday! Just got back from a 2 week trip to China and am totally jetlagged, but seeing your Malaga pics makes me want to jump on a plane again. 🙂

Thanks Cass! I haven't been to China in years and would love to go with the wife; the problem is finding the time. Well, that and the travel takes so long.

I love being elsewhere; I just don't like doing what it takes to get there.

Yup, the passport was in my backpocket and I had the sunglasses hung on the shirt I was wearing. I think I get travel brain.

Thanks for the well-wishes, and for reading all this time!

Happy belated birthday, Logan! Been a bastard-lurker for at least three of these things. You just keep getting better with age.

Whoa – HELLO Elle! So nice to hear from someone new(ish) and I'm glad you popped up to wish me well.

39 is the new…39. It's better than the alternative, I suppose. I'm hoping I'm getting better at least for little while longer.

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