Losing half of your friends

The past few days have been amazing.

Her: We’re never taking that red envelope down!
Me: Never.


Met up with Paul and Hazel in the hood for some drinks the other night.

Paul I met through a class I took with my ex while Hazel’s the sister of a really good college buddy.

The funny thing about life’s that you never know who’s gonna end up in your Venn Diagram and who’s not. If I want you to believe anything I’ve learned, it’s that.

Recently sent an FB invitation to one of my closest friends from college and just realized last night that he never got back to me after about a month.

That’s the thing that you don’t realize as a kid. Remember my dad had this awful fight about one of my friends when I was a kid. Now the friend, I don’t remember very well, but the fight I remember. These people we think of as all-so-important end up just a footnote in your life – or your tiny little blog.

Once wrote about that statistic where, every seven years, you lose more than halfa your friends. The person y’think of as your best friend only has a 30% chance of staying in that role.

Wonder how things like the Internet and FB changes that dynamic.

As for the friend that never responded, that’s just how things go. We’ve all been on both sides of those choices.

Speaking of technology, swapped an older toy for a newer one.

This is probably the tech equivalent of getting a Ferrari as a mid-life crisis. Only far dorkier.

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As long as you got your wife and your family that should be enough. Only family will stick with you for eternity. Most only care if they want something from you or need your assistance for something. Only a few if you are lucky to meet these folks will stick around through all the phases you go through.

That's so true – I think that we make choices in life and, at least at some point, those choices made sense for that version of us.

On the other hand, sometimes people just grow apart and it's better to let those relationships that have run their course lie low. The good thing about certain friends is that no matter how much time has actually passed, when you get together again, it's like no time has passed at all.

You traded your iPhone?!? *GGGGGGGGGGASSSSP* WHY! lol

It's a little sad when you say your best friend only has a 30% chance of staying in your life. But like you said, people have choices. It's just frustrating when you lose a friend for no reason at all and re-communication is difficult for no reason at all. *shrug*.

I'm curious to know as well how FB changes that dynamic.

re: the iPhone, I just wanted a bigger screen and also the ability to take handwritten notes. I feel like I can barely writing anything longhand any more since I type so much. I miss just being able to take some form of reasonable chicken scratch.

re: the friends, sometimes it's just how it goes with friends – one minute you're the person being left behind, the next minute you're the leaver. It sucks both times, I think. But you do it because it makes room for new people and new people make room for you. I think about my wife and how four years ago we were complete strangers and now she's my family. Life is both strange and cool that way.

As for FB, I suppose we're all figuring that out. In some ways it's nice to keep in touch with people but at a distance. That's why I like the most about it.

I know what you mean, my professor told us one of our assignments was to make flash cards and the class went nuts with the "BUT MY HANDWRITING SUCKS!!" // "Can't we just type it? Print it out or something?" And while I wasn't a fan of the idea of writing, it made me think… WHEN was the last time I WROTE? Kinda crazy since I use to journal every night. When I wasn't married. And I knew someone wouldn't knock my journal off the bed… lol I need to make it a point to write with a pen more!

I read somewhere that the human mind can only catalog a certain amount of people at a time. I don't know how true that is and I wish I could quote it word-for-word but maybe that has something to do with it? And if not, it still sort of makes me feel better lol. But you're right, it sucks being the person left behind and the person leaving. And sometimes I don't have a reason for leaving someone behind, I just don't think they fit in my life anymore. But it's hard to think that someone feels that way about you too :

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