Venn Diagrams

People enter and leave our lives like Venn Diagrams

Was talking to GES this past Sunday about Venn Diagrams.

You see, people walk around the world like 3D Venn Diagrams: we’re all in our own little worlds. Strangers, friends, family, lovers, acquaintances – all, for better or for worse, enter into your little world, do their little bit, and then leave.

Some people stay, some go. Sometimes they do something nice. Sometimes they rob you blind and leave you wondering if there’s someplace you could sell a kidney and how much you could get for it.

And sometimes they write you tell you everything’s gonna be alright.

Thanks for that last one.

Now…does anyone know the going rate on a kidney?


Here’s Fiest again (with members of the National, more on that tomorrow), playing a guitar and reminding me of those teenage hopes.

Location: 16:45 yest, the 66th St. Post Office, waiting
Mood: grateful
Music: Sleepless long nights That was what my youth was for

14 Replies to “Venn Diagrams”

  1. It's really odd actually, in my finite mathematics course we've just begun discussing set theory and Venn diagrams. It makes for an interesting analogy, that. No I don't know the going rate for a kidney, but something tells me that you'll do fine hanging onto to both of yours. You might just have a little bit of a bumpy ride in the meantime.

  2. Anonymous – A friend sent me that at the same time as you. Sweet, that looks perfect.Laura – I really like her now.Square1 – hiya! That's tres cool – I wish I were good in math. As for my kidney, one is a goner for the right price. =)

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