When the going gets tough, the tough makes a pity pulled pork sandwich

Been trying to avoid surgery but it looks like it’s happening

Pulled pork on a baguette with a side saladTried to avoid it but I can’t – gotta go into surgery this week to fix the injury I got a few weeks back.

Turns out that, despite it not being painful, the injury was really substantial – a “high-grade tear” so the doc was right.

Me: So there’s no way for me to avoid this surgery? I can’t rehab it?
Him: You can’t rehab a completely torn ligament. It’s gone. You can either replace it or not use your leg.

Luckily my meniscus was not damaged. Unfortunately, even with the insurance, it’s going to be quite expensive, both in terms of actual cost and time wasted. I’m out of commission for a solid half-year: surgery, two weeks in a brace, with six to eight months of rehab.

So irritated…

In light of this really disappointing news, did what all injured lawyers-slash-writers do: Made myself a roasted pork shoulder.

Brined pork shoulder / buttPicked it up on the one day that managed to hobble to the supermarket. Brined it in salt and sugar for 10 hours, pulled it out, let it dry over night, hit it with some BBQ rub and threw it into the oven; first uncovered for seven hours at 220 degrees…

Seasoned and brined pork shoulder / butt after about five hours

…then for another four hours at 250 degrees covered in foil.

Seasoned and brined pork shoulder / butt after 11 hours in the oven

Was planning on writing the follow-up to my last post about writing a profile for online dating sites but I guess I’ll post it on Tuesday of next week.

Expect a post from me on Monday about how my surgery went.

Wish me luck?


Admin note: I’m going to start posting at noon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and the occasional Fridays starting next week.

Location: same #$@#$!! chair I’ll be in for months
Mood: apprehensive and fulla pork
Music: My oven’s the hottest you’ll find. Yes, I can roast too,
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  1. sorry LL, that's a bummer. SUE the person who injured you! as is the american way.
    maybe something like this is god's way of telling u to slow down. u won't listen so he's gotta break ur legs, knowwhatimean?
    in any case, might as well enjoy it, relax, cook a lot more, eat a lot more, read a lot more. buy that spoonk mat for your insomnia!

    1. Well, we have a informal rule of "you take your chances" every time you hit the mat. The other guy was an idiot and using force, size, and strength to win – the exact opposite of what the gym is about – but I did step onto the mat and take my chances. It's irritating because there's always one guy who doesn't think the moves ahead and only thinks about the single move ahead of him. And it was the wrong move to begin with.

      As for the spoonk mat, I'll look it up. Thanks!

  2. I hope everything goes well! So good luck!
    You can sorta lawyer things from home can't ya? And definitely write…so here's looking for the next entry. 😉

    1. I've def been lawyering things from home a lot these days. On the plus side, the commute is easy; on the minus side, I've been stuffing my face like there's no tomorrow.


  3. Wishing you luck with the surgery. Look on the bright side, you'll have plenty of time to catch up on reading and once you can manage to hobble around the kitchen, you can become the next Masterchef! hey, if a blind girl can win it all, i don't see why a one-legged man can not.

    1. My wife *loved* that show and season. Good point. The problem is that I'm already a secret fatty. The better the food in the house, the more likely it won't be secret any longer.

  4. Yikes, that sucks. The idea of surgery scares the crap out of me! I hope you have a speedy recovery and a smooth surgery!

    Also, that pork takes FOREVER to make lol! Never had it though, but it sounds good!

    1. It really does suck – and I'm not even close to being done with it. Growing old does suck, but I suppose it's far better than the alternative.

      Yes, it takes forever but it's super easy and so delicious. I think you should try it some time!

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