It’s hard to get around (things)

It’s always some little old lady that will offer me her seat when she sees me struggling with my cane. Suppose that she knows how hard it is to get around.

Navigating NYC – or just life, for that matter – isn’t easy

Reflecting pool at the east most part of East 72nd Street.Mass transportation in Manhattan is such that to go from West 79th street to East 79th Street involves taking a train down the west side to 42nd street, taking another train across the island, and taking yet another train up the east side to East 79th Street.

Think of a letter “U” and you get the idea.

Instead, took the bus across town cause I didn’t think my leg would be able to handle the trip up and down the stairs on the subway. It’s roughly the same amount of time but a straight shot – most people don’t take the bus for some reason. Which is why I try to.

I’ve noticed that it’s always some little old lady that’ll offer me her seat when she sees me struggling to board with my cane. It’s never the younger guy.

Suppose that they know how hard it is to get around, the older people.

Changing room while at MRI.Made an appointment to see get an MRI done. When I got there, the place was empty. Suppose that people have better things to do on sunny afternoon than be shoved some contraption.

Not me, of course – other people.

Was told to lie still for 25 minutes as this machine scanned me

Him: Stop moving around so much!
Me: Sorry, sorry…

As I hobbled home got a text from Paul. I’m free for a drink or something later if you’re not busy. I’ll bring the rums.

The remainder of the evening involved a good deal of self-medication.

Ended the night with a conversation with another friend over his relationship.

Said it once before: Goodbyes are sad, regardless of how it happens.

Me: You’ve been through this before and made it through ok. So has she, yeah? This’ll happen however it happens.
Him: I know…

Suppose we all know how hard it is to get around.

Location: a chair
Mood: thoughtful
Music: remind myself that times could be much worse
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4 replies on “It’s hard to get around (things)”

I dream of visiting Manhattan but my OCD has a way of stopping me once someone mentions "train" or "bus" lol.

Also, are MRI's scary? Like do they make you take that huge needle shot with radiation like they do with CT Scans?

Manhattan's easy – everything is laid out like a grid. It's why so many immigrants came and come here, because it's so easy to understand how to get to everything and such.

Hmm, they're not scary per se; just really, really loud. If you have a problem with cramped spaces and loud noises, you may have an issue with MRIs. Otherwise, no pain whatsoever, just…LOUD and cramped.

I have a friend who's over there now, went to the JK Rowling signing. Those Harry Potter fans, they're intense lol but he was saying he was asking the taxi driver which train to take and his friends replied saying it's laid out like a grid. Interesting!

Loud and cramped I can deal with. Pain and shots, not so much. Whew, good to know I'll survive! lol

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