Our first Christmas tree

We picked up our first Xmas tree – which somehow ended up in our kitchen sink. But it’s back now.

Remember the small but personally important things

Sick again. It always happens when I’ve got a million deadlines and zero sleep.

In one week, was midtown, downtown, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Harlem,  and Spanish Harlem. Was kinda in a daze for mosta it.

Most things are due this Friday so there’s a small chance this may be the only post of the week.

Then again, do my best work under pressure. At least that’s what I tell myself.

We did manage to pick up a tree at – of all place – our local bodega. Also picked up some lights at the local drugstore and soon had our first Xmas tree.

Me: Now it feels like Christmas.

Suppose that’s one of the main reasons I keep writing this blog – and I’m one of the few that still do. Cause it forces me to write down the small but personally significant things.

Especially since I’ve been so drugged out on cough medicine and lack of sleep, it took me a few moments to notice something was wrong when I returned home from a client over the weekend.

Me: Ah, the tree…wait, why’s the tree in the sink?
Her: Long story.

Have said that the time between Thanksgiving and Xmas is my favourite time of year. Am hoping that I’ll be able to enjoy some of it soon.

Off again…

Location: another day, another meeting
Mood: sick
Music: I went to see the doctor. I’d come down with the blues.
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8 replies on “Our first Christmas tree”

Well, you'll have to click the link to find out – but it involves spiders and a lack of horticulture skills.

is that the first tree u've ever had as an adult? I struggle with things like that… in some ways I feel like, might as well buy trees/real furniture/rugs/curtains for my house because I'm technically an adult and that's what adults do. But in the back of my mind, I think, no, you don't buy trees/furniture/curtains until you own a home/get married. knowwhatimean?

I bought a little fake tinsel tree from urban outfitters as a compromise. It's cute and tiny for my little apartment. Plus at the end of the day it fits into a shoe box and goes back into my tiny closet. But I told myself that NEXT year I will definitely buy a REAL tree because I'm an adult! And adults buy Christmas trees and decorate them. Damnit.

Sucks to be sick when you've actually got a sh*t ton to do and you literally can't afford to be sick. At least you have a nice wifey who might be persuaded to make you some chicken soup, tea, listen to you mope, etc. Being sick alone is the pits. I like green nyquil (the original formula), Intelligentsia Organic 333 tea (rosehips, chamomile, and peppermint blend), a hot shower and comfy jammies. I feel alive after the combination of all three. Hope you get better and good luck this month.

Well, it's not the first tree as an adult, just the first tree we had as a couple – AND the first tree we had as a married couple, which I think is something.

Oh, take a picture of your little tree! I can't imagine what it looks like.

I will try the tea but unfortunately I don't have any time looking for it; hopefully the wife will have some time to pick some up. Colds stink all around but they're just made worse when you can't just stay in bed.

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