The Boss and Me

We’re in luck

I ordered Netflix for Alison, years ago. It was a concession because I didn’t have cable.

On like our second date over a decade ago
Alison: You’re not one of those weird guys with no cable, are you?
Me: I’m totally one of those weird guys with no cable.

Finally got around to cancelling it last night. After my dad passed, I cancelled cable for my mom as well.

It’s amazing what little things knock the wind outta you. Then again, it’s amazing what little things you treasure forever.

Years ago, I came home to find this.

After that, I used to label everything around the house: The Boss and The Other One.

Don’t think I’ll ever stop missing her sharp wit.

Her sister took the kid for a bit. When she brought him back I asked her:

Me: What would you think if I maybe went on a date with someone?
Her: I thought you were dating.
Me: Hmmm, it’s hard to characterize what I’m doing. But anyway, what do you think?
Her: No one’s judging you on anything, Logan. Even if they do, who cares? I don’t. No one close to you does. If it was reversed, I’d want Alison to get back out there.
Me: (getting upset) Oh man, if only it was that wa…
Her: (interrupting) Pull yourself together, Logan! No woman wants to see that.
Me: (laughing, wiping eyes) Noted.

Which is also interesting because I went out to lunch with some friends a while back and a girl from my gym was there. Ended up walking her back to her ride.

Me: Do you read my blog?
Her: (grinning) Occasionally.
Me: I feel I should tell you that I’m not dating anyone in the traditional sense.
Her: Oh, I only date people in the traditional sense.
Me: As well you should. (laughing) I’m just working through a few things right now.
Her: How’s that going?
Me: It’s a work in progress. You’re single, right?
Her: Yes.
Me: Well, if you meet someone between now and, say, the end of November or so, he’s a lucky fella.
Her: And if not?
Me: Hmmm, I make a mean bowl of chili.
Her: (laughing) OK.

Anywho, got a call from her Saturday night after a sleepless week.

Her: Hey, I’m in your neighborhood walking to the subway from 83rd Street. I was thinking you should join me.
Me: (thinking) I might be free.
Her: If you are, I’ll walk slower.
Me: Well then, we’re in luck – turns out, I’m free. Gimme 15 mins?


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    1. Thanks, Jarrad! I actually read this, and a few other things about them. It’s tragic, of course, but I am glad to see that he managed to move on with his life.

      I wonder how people survive these things; seeing people do just that give me hope we can.

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