My 2020 Xmas

This is how I spent my Xmas for 2020. How did you spend it?

Christmas with my son

I saw my family for Xmas by way of mass transit and my sister-in-law.

When I got there, the boy was happy to see me but, perhaps, more anxiously awaiting the arrival of St. Nick.

I, however, was waiting for some delicious food…

Me: Even though it’s daytime, do you want to drink?
Sister-in-law: It’s Christmas – yes!

…which came rather quickly.

The place was all decked out for the holidays…

…and there was the prettiest girl by the fire.

But nonea that stopped the boy from waiting…

…and waiting…

…until he finally had to go to bed, like all little children do on Christmas Eve.

He somehow managed to sleep through the thunderstorm and the night, though. Patience paid off, though, because the next day, there were gifts waiting for him.

He got to pretend to be a scientist, among other things.

We adults played some board games. Did I ever tell you that I was on Cash Cab?

We had some antipasti to keeps us all fat and happy through Christmas Day.

And then it was time to go home. Mouse picked me up.

There’s more, I suppose, but that’s all I wanted to share.

Location: home, alone
Mood: super lonely
Music: It’s a mad world (Spotify)
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