A Pefect Mix

The city’s becoming empty again, the duck turned out fine, the kid had to see a dentist, someone called me insane, and I consoldated a buncha computers into one. So…productive? Kinda?

Complete conviction and complete insanity

The duck came out nicely – managed to have end more duck fat to work with. I might cave and have some potatoes in my near future.

The kid had to see the dentist the other day. It was a disaster. Waited for 90 minutes only to be told she couldn’t do anything for him.

Her: He needs to see an oral surgeon to get those teeth pulled.
Me: What are your thoughts of me with a some string tied to a door knob and his teeth and slamming the door?
Her: What?
Me: I said, “Gotcha, we gotta see an oral surgeon. I’ll get right on that.”


I have so many computer parts in my tiny little NYC apartment.

It’s my hoarding mentality; I’m always loathe to throw anything away. For example, I have a buncha i5-11500T chips; the thing that’s special about that chip is the “T” designation, which means it’s incredibly energy efficient, operating between 25 and 35 watts. This is compared to, say, an i9-12900K processor, which operates between 125 and 241 watts.

Now, granted, the i9 is significantly faster than the i5 but for things like blog writing and ordering additional bottles of rum, that speed is wasted for my needs. And probably most people.

The thing is, what do I do with alla these “T” chips? I find myself building computers literally just to build them.

For example, I have one that is used as a DVR, while another is used to operate the cameras in my building.

It’s kinda like growing zuccinis and giving them away, but nerdier/cooler.

That’s what I tell myself.

So, the other day, I decided to take my personal computer and streamline it – both in terms of what it can do and it’s physical size.

The way I look at it, assume arguendo that I pay $5,000 a month to live in a 1,000 SF apartment (this isn’t my actual rent but these are easy numbers to work with).

That works out to be $5 per square foot a month.

My old computer took about 2.5 square feet, which means it was taking up $12.50 of space a month, or $150 a year.

I managed to squeeze alla that into case taking up about one square foot, or $5 a month, or $60 a year.

And I can probably sell or donate the other parts I’m not using: win-win.

I’m totally lying to you, BTW. I’m gonna hoard all these parts JIC I need to build something else with them.

Finished building it just before midnight the other night. I need to stop doing things likeĀ  this.

Because I can’t seem to ever leave anything in my past. At least, not the things I care about.

Me: Why is it that everytime we see each other, we immediately get into an argument?
Her: Because, you have a perfect mix of complete conviction and complete insanity.
Me: Oh, please lemme put that in the blog.
Her: Fine. (later) You know you are actually completely insane, right?
Me: (shrugging) Well, not *completely*…

The city’s empty again. Which I kinda like, NGL.

Location: alone on the red line, wondering if I should run up and down the car while I can
Mood: conflicted
Music: Better to have loved and lost my mind (Spotify)
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2 replies on “A Pefect Mix”

I hoard and can’t let go of things (even if I really can’t use them anymore). My bd keeps saying he’ll throw this stuff away and I get massive anxiety every time he says it.

I miss watching my ex husband build PC’s. It was always so interesting to learn those things with him.

I also ask my friends if I can put something in my blog or if it’s something they think I’ll ask about they’ll beat me to it and say “don’t write that anywhere” lol!

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