About par for course

It’s 2022

Me: How’s your 2022 going?
Him: Well, it just started so, good, I guess? You?
Me: Early on the 1st, I walked out my door and immediately stepped in dog poop. So, about par for course.

Had alla these plans for the week while kid was away but then COVID hit my gym and we had to close.

That put a damper on everything.

Luckily, I had a backup plan with my buddy Morgan. But we only got through 25% of what we had planned there too.

You see, my dishwasher stopped working. I read the manual and it turns out that you’re supposed to clean it every month. I got it like 15 years ago for Alison and never cleaned it.

So, I took out my tools and took the whole thing apart and finally got to the filter. Imagine opening a jar a vasoline and sticking your hand into it. That’s what I essentially did.

Zero smell, thankfully. Just…15 years of grease stuck in the drain.

After cleaning out the waste drain and the waste grinder blade, I then spent an hour trying to clean out the trap with toothpicks and a toothbrush.

Then I googled the part and found out I could get a replacement for $40 so I just did that and let my dishes pile up for a few days.

The holidays are a barrel o’laughs for me, lemme tell ya.

My freezer has been just jam packed with vacuum sealed items so I decided to just clear it out by cooking and eating everything.

I made us a leg of lamb and some slow roasted chicken…

…some gyros with the Good Eats gyro recipe…

…which was pretty good but I woulda used less rosemary and marjoram next time. A lot less.

Then I made some Chinese eggs with tomatoes just to mix it up…

And then another leg of lamb…

…which turned out to be corned beef. But Spak came by and tried it.

Him: Man, that’s really good!
Me: I made it with Herbs de Provance and recooked it in the pressure cooker. I’m glad you like it because it was a mistake.

The fact he liked it meant a lot to me because he’s a pretty good cook himself.

We saw a flick about my personal hero that he brought over.

Had some other company too but that’s the only one I’m allowed to talk about.

Finally, I defrosted a duck, quartered it, and seasoned it for some duck confit via the sous vide.

Also managed to render some duck fat to make eggs in the morning for myself.

Anywho, after letting it marinade for three days, I put it in my sous vide at 155 degrees for 35 hours right before sitting down to write this.

I’ll let you know how that goes in a few days.

It’s 2022. I survived another holiday season.

What a kick in the head.

Her: What do you mean, you’re waiting?
Me: I figure I have about 7,000 days left here. I’m just waiting.
Her: That’s dark.
Me: (shaking head) No. This fella named Spalding Gray once said, “Everybody knows they are going to die, but no one really believes it.” I believe it.

Location: in Metal Park for four hours, telling a celebrity’s son not to cry
Mood: productive
Music: let’s just make this a little easier (Spotify)
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