Filling in some gaps

I think this is gonna be my first (very) chronologically outta order entry. So, before the kid left, we did some things, mainly involving Chinese food…

An accident I had nuthin to do with

The boy’s been away for a few days, so I’ve been out every night this week and it’s been exhausting.

I’m waaay behind in updates and this is – I think – the first time that I’m posting chronologically outta order, at least to this extent.

This is because, even before he left, I was amping up my social life for a number of reasons.

Some things, I’m keeping to myself, which is why I’ve not mentioned any of them; I was trying to figure out what I wanted to share and what I didn’t.

So, I gotta fill in some gaps.

To wit, before the kid left, we headed down to Chinatown for some food. While there, we came across his name on onea those novelty license plates.

Him: PLEASE?!?!
Me: We’re not made of money, kid!
Him: (sadly) Oh…
Me: (sighing) Fiiine…
Him: Yay!
Me: OK, but now I’m getting a haircut, then.

Man, I’m so easy.

When we walked into my usual joint, one of the women that worked there had this huge bloody kerchief on her head. Evidently, she fell down and cracked her head open.

The owner waved me in to sit down anyway and get a haircut so I did. Before long, EMT came over to pick up the other lady. It was surreal.

Him: Is she gonna be OK?
Me: I think so. If it was really bad, they wouldn’t have let us in.
Him: Ah…

The Chinese food we had downtown wasn’t enough so, a few days later, the boy and I met up with Pac, the NFL Player and my buddy Thor around the way for some authentic Szechwan Chinese food as well.

Me: Does anyone here mind spicy food?
Boy: I do!
Me: (shaking head) Besides my son, does anyone here mind spicy food?

Obvs, nonea them did so we gorged ourselves on a ton of killer dishes like this spicy lamb and taro dish below.

We ended up ordering a ton of food and a ton of drinks.

It was late when we left but school was already over, so I figured it was fine.

I’m still pretty behind in entries but I’m gonna try to get to it all. Eventually.

Girl-with-yellow-eyes: I found your blog.
Me: Well, that was bound to happen.
Her: Why do you even have it?
Me: Such a long story. OK, so, there was this reporter

Location: 18th Street, hoping K wouldn’t stab me in my eye
Mood: so tired
Music: I hate myself, I wanna party, pretend I’m part of something (Spotify)
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