Our lemon days

After dinner the other night, we walked down St. Marks and ended up at my usual haunt. There’re old ghosts everywhere we go.

Hoping for some lemonade

Female friend: (rolling eyes) Why do you always date such young women, Logan?
Me: (shrugging) Because I can.

Don’t think I ever mentioned that the Firecracker’s originally from the south.

Ergo, she has the slightest southern accent that comes out more when she drinks.

Me: So, what happened?
Her: He left. And I didn’t want someone that didn’t want me.
Me: (nodding) Same. (later) It’s fine, Firecracker. Those were our lemon days.
Her: Lemon days?
Me: You need lemons before you can have lemonade. (shrugging) Maybe we’re due for some lemonade days soon.
Her: (smiling) Maybe.

It was a nice night so we decided to walk down St. Marks after dinner.

Her: I was on a really drunken date here once before.
Me: I’ve had many a drunken night on this street. Wait, how many fellas do you have on rotation?
Her: (thinking) Four? I keep my weekends busy. You?
Me: I have one less fan that you have.
Her: Oh, I’m a fan too, Logan Lo.
Me: I would hope so.

We had just had a full three course dinner but, as always, I was still hungry.

Me: I think I’m going to get myself a shawarma. Do you want anything?
Her: Just a Diet Coke.

Afterward, we ended in front of Solas, of course. I said hi to the bouncers there, who always seem happy to see me. I thought about my old friend, Fouad.

I told her that he’d met every single person I ever dated up to Alison.

KL the owner came up behind me and gave me a hug and I introduced him to the Firecracker.

He said a buncha flattering things about me and then told the bartender to comp all our drinks – but she and I drank so much that I insisted on paying a solid portion of the bill, plus gave the bartender the full tip.

Like Pac always says, friends should pay more, not less.

We were both two sheets to the wind by the time we called it a night.

The bartender mixed us some crazy shots towards the end, so we were both pretty lit.

In vino veritas and alla that…

Her: You’re so old, Logan Lo! But you’re easy on the eyes.
Me: Hey – my personality’s on point.
Her: (laughing) Thank god you’re pretty – not as pretty as me but you’ll do. (leans in) You know I’m a thief, right?
Me: What’d you steal?
Her: Your heart.
Me: Man, I walked right into that one, didn’t I?
Her: (nodding) I think I wanna keep you. Can I keep you?
Me: What about your rotation?
Her: (shrugs) I’m sure we can figure something out, Logan Lo.

Location: this afternoon, walking to Union Square with Lau the Magician
Mood: losing my voice for some reason
Music: Life’s okay but my plans are being laid (Spotify)
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